Bowling and Brew

Greetings from Deutschland! I am deadly tired today but here we go! Friday was the tax party. We were invited to attend a bowling extravaganza at the Pub. So I’m thinking beer……bowling… food, can’t go wrong. Well it did and it did not. The bowling well it was alright………game needs some work though, Yikes! We… Continue reading Bowling and Brew

Wokin’ away

2 Sunday’s ago, my partners parents stopped in for a visit and we headed to Wok Stop in for lunch. Let’s start off with this place has an excellent location. It’s in the busy area, lot’s of traffic going by……definitely has potential. Once inside, it’s pretty typical quick order restaurant attire. Clean decor, large over-counter… Continue reading Wokin’ away

Lunchy Lunch Lunch!

Well last Saturday Dad came up with a goal of purchasing me the finest in fishing equipment. Overall shopping was a success but out first stop of the day was at the Cookhouse. It has been at least 3-4 years since I’ve been there last. I used to go all the time to conquer the… Continue reading Lunchy Lunch Lunch!

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2011 a Year of Ales

My first trip to the Ales party has highly anticipated. We all took part in the Beer party of the year!!! And I gotta tell you something….it was RAD! Tons of people, lots of different microbrewery’s and some food. The live bands were playing all the classic get hammered and punch your friend songs. The… Continue reading 2011 a Year of Ales

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Kinda weak trip…

Last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity of staying a prestigious 4 bedroom condo. We were definitely looking forward to having a relaxing and mountainous weekend. First night there we cooked one of the all time best delicious simple epic yummy meals anyone can do on their own. It requires a whole eff load of… Continue reading Kinda weak trip…

Sushi Birthday for Jessica

Alrighty then! Thursday we headed out for some sushi for our bestest of bestest friends birthday…..Jessica! Now I’m warning we have to this place about 467 times previously because it’s that effin rad!!! I’m talking about a little piece of sashimi tucked away in the Mission area. Sushi is the place and oh shit is… Continue reading Sushi Birthday for Jessica

A Crazy Birthday Surprise

O.k. Friday night was big dinner night. Thanks to Groupon we scored a sweet deal for a local restaurant. You can find this sweet little treat near the water for the geographically impaired. Upon arrival the first thing I noticed was the modern ambience created by dim lighting, fantastically warm and rich wall colors, dark… Continue reading A Crazy Birthday Surprise

Pizza in the Ghetto

We’ve just returned from a trip to the Ghetto. Overall weekend went really well. There is snow about 37 feet deep still so I recommend some sort of deep arctic tundra exploration craft for travel. Lots of visiting and good times most of the time. So lets get down to business. Upon arrival at the… Continue reading Pizza in the Ghetto

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