Lunchy Lunch Lunch!

Well last Saturday Dad came up with a goal of purchasing me the finest in fishing equipment. Overall shopping was a success but out first stop of the day was at the Cookhouse.

It has been at least 3-4 years since I’ve been there last. I used to go all the time to conquer the all you can eat ribs. Personal best…..6 orders of ribs. Thought I was going to die. Some random lady even came over and asked me where the hell I was putting all the food. But that was a long time ago when I was young and could do that crazy stuff. Let’s get to today’s experience.

If you haven’t been to there before it’s an old western themed chain restaurant. I recommend some chaps, red plaid shirt and an old .45 Colt as the dress code. The interior is stuffed full of crazy outdoors related things….you know…..antler chandeliers, stuffed fish on the wall……hell there’s even a huge ass truck hanging in the corner by the bar. But with most chain dining, the food is generally reliable and the dining easy and casual.

I was not that hungry so I ordered a burger with Caesar salad. Dad ordered pretty much every freakin’ thing they make. My burger was the Chipotle burger. It was decent, good size, nice and spicy. The toppings were very good. But the best part for sure was the sauce. Montana’s has awesome BBQ sauces. That’s why I like the ribs because the sauce makes me feel special… know??? The salad was generic, nothing spectacular. I was satisfied with my meal. But Dad ordered this monstrosity steak special he heard advertised. But I tell ya! The Ghetto is all about portion size!!! If that shit won’t feed you for at least 3 days the people won’t even get out of bed for it!!!

Example: “Gee, Jimmy! Where do you want to go eat? How about XYZ Bistro? I hear they make a fantastic white truffle risotto.”
” Oh, how big are the portions!?!?!?!?!?! I’d rather go to 123 All you can eat buffet!!! I wore my extra stretchy pants, but thanks Billy!”

Anyhow…….movin’ on. This steak special was crazy. So instead of just the 8oz, he gets the 12oz. Plus a baked potato, fully loaded of course and a choice of a side. But wait…..he get’s 2 sides coleslaw and beans I think. But that’s not all………let’s add a mushroom and shrimp skillet! Nope…..minus the shrimp skillet. It actually took a long time to get the food, about 30 minutes, considering we were the first one’s there when they opened. Holy balls!!! They had to bring it out in stages!!! The platter, which possibly could have been a garbage can lid shows up with enough food to cure the hunger situation in Africa!!! Ouch… So everything looked well……I’ll say o.k. Potato was a baked potato with bacon and green onion and sour cream. Everything else was kinda blah. But what really chaps my ass in a restaurant is when you can’t cook a friggin’ steak to temperature. Dad ordered the ever popular med rare. That side of cow was nearly well done!!! I would send that hockey puck back to the kitchen Gordon Ramsay style…….

So the burger was decent, wouldn’t be rushing to go have another one anytime soon. Would not order the steak special. Stick with the pub food side of the menu I think and you could be medium happy to happy. Sorry, not as good as I remember and don’t think I’ll be back again for a while. You get a pistol slingin’ 3.2 moose knuckles out of 5.

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