Check out this Smack

A visit to Smack has definitely been overdue. Wife’s brother has been there for quite sometime since leaving Dorado. Her parents were in town with a visitor from Germany so we decided to meet up and all have lunch. We were excited to finally have Chef Tim cook us up a meal! The restaurant is… Continue reading Check out this Smack

Hey, it’s sushi!

I happen to come across some recommendations for this place while reading some forums. Someone was looking for a good sushi place and this one came up quite a bit. The wife’s parents were visiting so off to dinner we went. Just off of the main street by Subway, Sushi is easy to miss. I’ve… Continue reading Hey, it’s sushi!

Lounge and Grill

For the final installment of the birthday extravaganza my dad accompanied us to Local lounge. I have reviewed this before but when something is so freaking good I have to let you nice people know about it. So the whole crew headed out on a Saturday night for dinner. If you are not familiar with… Continue reading Lounge and Grill

Hood Pizza

It was a long day of refinishing our deck and we definitely did not feel like making dinner so……….HELLO! We recently received a nice little information package including a coupon for the newly planned Neighborhood at the Lake convenience store. The same owners have opened Neighbors Pizza which is in the same complex. So we… Continue reading Hood Pizza

Wokin’ away

2 Sunday’s ago, my partners parents stopped in for a visit and we headed to Wok Stop in for lunch. Let’s start off with this place has an excellent location. It’s in the busy area, lot’s of traffic going by……definitely has potential. Once inside, it’s pretty typical quick order restaurant attire. Clean decor, large over-counter… Continue reading Wokin’ away

Post Holiday Lunch

Well on Saturday the Father decided to come down and take us out for my friends birthday. We decided on a Bohemian place because my friend was going to work afterwards. Well what a horrible event this turned out to be. First of all…… the Bohemian place. My first time there and first impression =… Continue reading Post Holiday Lunch