Wokin’ away

2 Sunday’s ago, my partners parents stopped in for a visit and we headed to Wok Stop in for lunch. Let’s start off with this place has an excellent location. It’s in the busy area, lot’s of traffic going by……definitely has potential. Once inside, it’s pretty typical quick order restaurant attire. Clean decor, large over-counter menu board, pop machine…..you get it! Staff was almost friendly, we were the first one’s in and maybe they were still sleepy…..I don’t know. Could have been a bit more cheery, that’s all. Once items ordered it did take a while to get the food though. So yeah…..good thing sports highlights were on tv.

2 of us ordered the Thai Red Curry. It was just ok. I wasn’t blown away at all. It was almost a bit mushy and lacked any real “Asian” flare. It was just like generic food court food is a way to say it. Lunch size portion was decent. The veg was completely lost and the noodles were meh…There was another order of the Sichuan Pepper and one of the Veggie Curry. I can’t really critique them separately……well because they all tasted the same. Maybe the heat in the sauces was different……mine was supposed to be spicy but only became so after smothering it with chili sauce. Definitely underwhelmed.

After completing our meal we were gifted with fortune cookies!!! And holy balls what a gift that turned out to be. I guess from being so blah-ed to death by the food I failed to notice I was a winner on my fortune…….I only saw some stupid online draw thingy. My partners’s dad was a winner also! We were entitled to a free entree and a free side dish. So spring rolls and Pad Thai here we come!!! Waitress says “Would you like that to go?” I say ” Nope, we want it now!” So we then finished off lunch part 2. The Pad Thai was the same boring plate. And I love Pad Thai!!! This was Bad Thai……Ha! Clever…. Anywho…… The spring rolls were actually quite good. I would order 48 of those next time but that’s about it.

So in the end I left unsatisfied and a little confused. Portions were good, winning was good, food not so great. With more restaurant’s coming to this side this place really needs to step it up or they will be shuttin’ the doors. The Asian scene is definitely ruled by my other thai place right now……..check out the previous blog.

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