Sushi Birthday for Jessica

Alrighty then! Thursday we headed out for some sushi for our bestest of bestest friends birthday…..Jessica! Now I’m warning we have to this place about 467 times previously because it’s that effin rad!!! I’m talking about a little piece of sashimi tucked away in the Mission area. Sushi is the place and oh shit is it damn good!!! I think we all love it because it’s small, low key, and high quality. One of the quirky things about it is sometimes the food just comes in random order but that just adds to the awesomeness of Sushi. And I know some of you are like “well that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense” And then I’m all like “Do you have nothing better to do than sit around and read my bloggy???” So there……accept it and stop being a must-have-food-in-order snob. Just enjoy it, live a little. Because when you get your order….it…!!! Everything is so fresh and tasty and it arrives on these crazy little wooden boards. Order anything and you’ll love it. I always get the spicy tuna roll….it’s so spicy! And the tempura……oh balls the tempura is so wicked. You will find yourself randomly abandoning your children and sneaking off to get more. Light, crispy batter with the always epic tempura sauce (not sure of exact name). Now, sashimi is also an excellent choice here. It just melts away and leaves you smiling for hours on end!!! It’s ridiculous!!! My favorite part about the sushi experience and as long as it is quality food, it is art just as much as it is food. And like any piece of art…you can buy the same old painting of the shelf from the big store……or you can discover a master at work creating a custom piece to present to you on your command. I really do love it. Probably the only thing I have against this place is that booths are small and hard. But you’ll forget about as soon as you start eating.

Then it was off to Spanish….oh wait it was cancelled and nobody told us. So we went to Jessica’s for birthday dessert. My partner had Berry Crumble, I had some trio of desserts which was a chocolate mouse, white chocolate brownie and one other I can’t remember and Jessica had something I don’t know. Now that is one worth mentioning……It’s a freaking deep fried banana with this cinnamon sugar crust with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Who the hell in their right mind would not want to eat that!?!?! always provides an excellent outing no matter what.

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