Normand’s Restaurant

Hello all. We were lucky enough to take a 2+ weeks of vacation in the middle of August. We loaded up the travel trailer and the boys and went through the mountains to visit our good friends that recently moved there. We were treated by Wifey’s work for a dinner for ourselves. So after some research online we decide upon Normand’s, a restaurant that specializes in wild game and exotic meat. We took an early shift because it would be easier for our babysitters so dinner was at 5:30 today, wooo! After some frantic driving, due to an unforeseen detour, we arrived only slightly late. The place was pretty average upon first glance. There was nothing special about it visually. Boring decor, boring tables, boring layout, you get the picture. We were seated at a table that had dirty dishes at it and it took to people to finally notice them. Not cool but we’ll let it slide for now. Our server guy was kind of rough around the edges, just something about him was not inviting. There were some crazy specials offered so lets get to it!

This was an appy from the menu. Escargots with tomato concasse and butter sauce. They were scrumptious. Very good classic French dish. We both liked it a lot. Well balanced with the fresh herbs and tomatoes cutting through the butter sauce to highlight the escargots and mushrooms.

This was a special. Bison carpaccio presented in the strangest way I have ever seen. This gnarly waved bowl and then spread out over 7.2 sq.kms. It tasted nice. It had the smokey salty curing to it and the little pickles were a nice compliment but it was so weird to look at. You know, kind of like someone’s funny looking child. You don’t want to stare but you can’t help it and then still try to love the little bugger. Yeah, just like that….

I have to apologize. I can’t quite remember what the protein is. Either bison or elk and tenderloin I think. Hey, it was semi-stressful plus wine consumption divided by length of time since trip equals why the hell do you even read my stuff anyways? And it was very good! The meat was cooked perfectly for her…..medium rare. The potato pave type side was fantastic. The veggies were…….the usual but cooked well. We really enjoyed this and could not get over how tender and juicy the meat was. Good job there.

Now this was something we were both anxious for. One of the neatest sounding and intriguing dishes I’ve seen in a long time. The exotic sampler. We have elk tenderloin, kangaroo tenderloin and a crocodile skewer! WTF!?!?! I had to do it. And this was excellent. The elk tenderloin was full of flavor with a berry jus and cooked to perfection. The kangaroo was also very nice. Almost pork-like in consistency and chicken-ish in taste. But the big surprise of the night was that damned crocodile skewer! It was so good. It too was chicken-ish in texture but had almost a sweet mild gaminess to it that was very unique. I really savored this and stretched out the tasting to explore the subtle flavours. The veg were whatever…

Because we were wild and crazy and definitely not hungry we attempted two desserts. I ordered this chocolate tri-nut pie. It tasted great but it was sodamn rich it was like eating a log covered in chocolate salamanders. Is that weird? The nuts cooked in chocolate drizzled with chocolate and ice cream and whip cream. Frickin’ hell I was so full I almost lost it right there. she had a blueberry, saskatoon, strawberry, rhubarb, apple crisp. Shit one more fruit and they cooked the whole damned orchard up in there! It was the nicer dessert to finish the meal. Should have shared that one but I was greedy.

This was a strange one for me. I left full and satisfied but not thrilled or felt like we shared a life moment together which is waste because there were some great ingredients there to work with. If you are in the area and are interested in wild game and even wilder specials I would check it out but with minimal expectations. I think you could find a more quaint and romantic place serving higher quality food for the same price. Some great food moments were not enough to make up for some of the other shortcomings. Service and atmosphere were uninspired and the food was so close to something magical but lacked some refinement and updating.