Check out this Smack

A visit to Smack has definitely been overdue. Wife’s brother has been there for quite sometime since leaving Dorado. Her parents were in town with a visitor from Germany so we decided to meet up and all have lunch. We were excited to finally have Chef Tim cook us up a meal!

The restaurant is very well done. Contemporary design, feels spacious and light with the glass looking onto the patio. What I would expect from this type of establishment. Service was really nice. Setting us all up on the patio. There was a slight chill so we were brought blankets for those that wanted them. The kids (and there were many) were given the usual crayons and papers to try and keep them busy. The patio area is glassed in which allows for the view but you feel a bit caged in…..goldfish syndrome. Is there such thing??? Hell yeah, there is now!!!! But more that likely it is to stop hooligans from coming and going and running out on paying the bill.

First time here and you people should know me by now that I love to assess a restaurants ability to pound out a bad ass burger. Especially for lunch. So I went with the Smokin’ beef and cheddat burger and added bacon! Bacon….I think you know what is happening right now and I shall remain seated for a couple of minutes. Not awkward? Good! This unit comes fully loaded from the factory with some high quality upgrades. Carmalized onion, wild mushrooms, pickled onion, aged white cheddar, tomato, pickle, lettuce. The whole garden basically. This burger is incredible. The best I have had in a long time. it just oozes quality and finesse even for a burger. Everything is cooked perfectly and the little extra bonus ingredients make it that much better. And these crazy fries will leave a ridiculous look on your face of pure ecstasy. Tossed in roasted garlic, lemon and parsley with garlic aioli. Best fries in town. Maybe. I have to have Boudins fries again to compare. But this burger rivals the best I have ever had which was at the Burger Bar in Las Vegas. It is very close let me tell you what!!!

Wife ordered the Smack Dab Bahn Mi which is a Vietnamese Sub sandwich. Loaded with spicy braised Korean beef, sweet mayo, cabbage, picked carrot, pickled onion cucumber, jalapeño and cilantro. Sounds good right? Frick yeah! And spicy too. It hits you like 3 seconds later and you want to splash your face with beer but then want to eat more because your taste buds just overdosed in awesome! Outstanding sandwich. You really pick up those Asian flavours and the beef is incredible! I think these were the regular fries and they too were very nice.

Everyone else was very impressed with the food. It all looked so good. Pizzas were nice and light looking, and I think the fish tacos were ordered and they would be amazing as well. Now if I had to complain just to find something it would be the buns. They do offer a gluten friendly option but I need to see some sort of multi-grain or whole wheat these days. I prefer multi-grain breads however the buns provided were delicious. Now this goes way way way back to when this newly renovated hotel and restaurant were opened. I remember hearing it on the radio and almost crashing. I find the name Smack dab truly ridiculous. To me it sounds like an ice cream cart vendor or something. Brilliant name. But when you are there you will notice Smack Dab is everywhere and on everything. They were pretty excited about the name apparently.