Pizza in the Ghetto

We’ve just returned from a trip to the Ghetto. Overall weekend went really well. There is snow about 37 feet deep still so I recommend some sort of deep arctic tundra exploration craft for travel. Lots of visiting and good times most of the time. So lets get down to business.

Upon arrival at the parents house we were kindly greeted by 3 wonderful cakes/baked goods. One traditional unit that I’m not going to look up the spelling on, another poppy seed one which was pleasantly appetizing but the focus will be on an new recipe which we seem to test whenever we come up. This cake had a fluffy, moist crust filled with an even lighter, fluffier filling. It was creamy, fluffy with eggy undertones. Light but satisfying at the same time. I found the sprinkling of cinnamon on top to be a great flavor with a moderately rich filling. I’m giving this cake 4.1 free range grain fed no anti-biotic, no animal by-product eggs out of effin 5! Interested in the recipe……….great! I probably won’t post it, HA! Maybe if you’re nice…

Now I’m giving a shout out to my man. He slices, he dices….he cooks that shit! Yeah! Upon arrival with nearly all the in-laws we were met with a plethora of friendly pizza technicians. A quick glance at the menu and we ordered it up! The best thing about it in the last couple years is the introduction of multi grain crust / thin crust. It’s the best. White dough is so lame. Why not slap some Prego sauce on some effin Wonder bread!?!?! 5 stars multi grain anything……0 stars for white flour, white sugar, white rice and……….white paint??? There’s one more but I forget. 1 Primo Shrimp, 1 Veggie mediterranean and for myself the best one on the menu……Philly damn Cheese Steak! We left came back and I was confused at the amount of delivery crew leaving the facility. Upon inquiry I learned he was giving away free re-usable thermal pizza bags! Nice one. They’re cool……will use again. I give the place 4.4 non-greasy pizza boxes out of 5. BAH! White pasta…..haha I knew it!

And no trip is complete without a stop at the pub. This is by far the best pub in town. It’s also won best microbrewery recently And they are awesome! I recommend the Bushwacker……stop laughing…’s true. This place is always packed. Although we were the first one’s there for lunch. Eva and I shared the fish and chips and a chicken Santa Fe salad. Joining us were my Mom and long time partner. Both ordered an Amber Ale cheese chicken burger. Our fish and chips were superb. Crispy, light batter tightly snuggling a large dense piece of halibut = rad! The fries were good. I’ve had great ones………these were just good………but still better than most. The salad was a great surprise. Good size, lots of grilled chicken, corn chips, guacamole and a nice lime vinaigrette. Really fresh, crisp and flavorful. Both burgers looked excellent, HUGE, great toppings. Although my Mom’s partner only wanted a club house……he couldn’t find a shovel large enough to get it all in in one bite. Mom also claimed “best burger she’s had in years” Highly recommend if you’re in in the area and want quality grub.

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