A Crazy Birthday Surprise

O.k. Friday night was big dinner night. Thanks to Groupon we scored a sweet deal for a local restaurant. You can find this sweet little treat near the water for the geographically impaired. Upon arrival the first thing I noticed was the modern ambience created by dim lighting, fantastically warm and rich wall colors, dark woods and leather seating…..I think it’s super-duper! We were seated by waiter who was very attentive and friendly from the time we walked in the door until the time we left. Throughout the night he kept us entertained with personal yet relative stories to our dining experience. We actually looked forward to his next visit in hopes of learning something new and interesting.

Alright, enough of that wishy-washy BS. Let’s get to some effin food! They were featuring a special menu they arranged for some previously unrelated non-sense to my birthday. It sounded fabulous! My partner chose this menu while I went for the daily specials. They chose the 4 course meal started if with a rather surprising glass of Sumac Ridge sparkling wine. It was crisp, bubbly with some earthy undertones and a……light gala apple finish…GNARLY wine! Haven’t had Sumac Ridge for years………this will make me try it again very soon. The next course was a soup. Wipe that silly look of your face…..you’re thinking soup, blah blah blah!!! Well let me tell you what! This was a Little Qualicum Brie and roasted potato soup with mushroom crepes…. and holy balls………that was THE best soup I’ve had from a restaurant. Perfect texture, the right creaminess, cheese was not overpowering and the potato was not starchy. The mushroom crepes accented perfectly, they were light, fluffy and melted away when you ate them. Mmmm, damn! Main course for my partner was a Spanish Mackerel with a butternut squash puree and roasted new potatoes. Now back that up…….Spanish…..yeah……it even tried to smooth talk me on a date, hot damn! The fish was simple, lightly seasoned allowing the oilyness(<—WTF???) to come through, drizzle some puree on there and it was magic. Fresh arugula on top and some nicely roasted new potatoes……WINNING!!! Dessert too but I’ll talk about that soon, next and go!

I was lucky enough to start with a smoked duck and sweet potato chip flatbread. WoW! And when they said flatbread they meant small pizza. It was fluffy, doughy goodness inside and crispy crust outside and the duck………the duck. If I have some advice for you………it’s go duck yourself BAH! It was just awesome. My main course could easily have supplied Northern Japan with rations for 4 days (too soon???) Screw it…. I had the daily grille and get ready it was a high quality, low veg extravaganza! 1/2 rack of smoked ribs that just fell off the bone, melt in your mouth tender and just the right amount of BBQ FTW sauce. Duck confit…….crispy skin, succulent ducky. Braised lamb shank…..seasoned well, nice veins of fat through the meat and not too tough or chewy. A big surprise was the chorizo and arugula polenta……it was great! Plus carrots, asparagus and potatoes. Perfectly cooked veg with even better meat. It is very easy for people to over cook asparagus but all the veg was just on the verge of el dente which is the way I like and you should too!!!

I accompanied my dinner with a glass of Road 13 Rockpile red. It was served in a glass that was so huge it dwarfed the holding tank of the Exxon Valdez. It was epic wine glass. It was an excellent pairing. Soft hints of cherry and plum and light tannin’s at the end that gave it that earthy “rockpile” taste. Probably the best glass of wine I’ve had in……….5 maybe 6………..months. But I do intend on picking up a bottle and chance of sharing are pretty slim but thanks for thinking I might be nice enough to share………I’m tearing up.

We shared dessert because after all that meat I saw them charging up the defibrillators in the kitchen……..not. Get this….Apple effin doughnuts with creme fraiche ice cream. ZOMG!!! The doughnuts were crispy, fried and crunchy……..ice cream soo creamy and melting ooooOOOooOOo…….yummy.

Probably the greatest feature this place is they use local food and wine. Every item on the menu has a place of origin, and distance away from the restaurant. This allows the customer the option to make an intelligent decision about the food they are eating. I love the concept, I love local sustainability and this definitely puts this place in my top picks. I highly recommend this to anybody! Prices are very reasonable. They offer a more casual evening menu ($14 – $19 ish) as well as a more formal menu ($20 – $40) and a number of delicious starters and salads.

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