Bowling and Brew

Greetings from Deutschland! I am deadly tired today but here we go! Friday was the tax party. We were invited to attend a bowling extravaganza at the Pub. So I’m thinking beer……bowling… food, can’t go wrong. Well it did and it did not.

The bowling well it was alright………game needs some work though, Yikes! We were offered drinks. While the majority opted for mass produced rubbish beer…….I was planning on a micro-brewery adventure. I tried a dark ale. It was delicious! A very full bodied beer that was very smooth. It did not feel heavy like some stouts but was robust enough to stand up to some heavier foods.

After salivating over this hand-crafted gem, we were presented with platters of appies. Each platter consisted of jalapeno cheese poppers, deep-fried mushrooms, spring rolls, dry ribs, chicken wings, carrots and celery. And served separately was a pub must-have nacho plate. The appies were receiving mixed reviews throughout the crowd. I found the mushrooms to be quite watery on the inside so one bite only was necessary or else you were getting watery mushroom love all over yourself. The cheese poppers were tasty but after 6 or so it was feeling heavy in the stomach. They had a nice spice to them and when paired with the right dipping sauce were very tasty. The spring rolls were very good. Probably my fav on the platter. And of course spring roll sauce……..MmmMmm! Least favorite were the meat products. They just lacked flavor. The wings were so blah I found myself quickly replacing them with carrot sticks. The dry ribs were…..well……dry. Not juicy and tender, but over cooked and under flavored. Disappointing but other options made up for these two fails. The nacho platter was decent. Fully loaded with sour cream and salsa on the side. The salsa was nice and thick. I much prefer this compared to some runny tomato soup style salsas I’ve had elsewhere.

Just as my drinking and bowling scores were picking up they shut me down and moved us into the pub for an actual dinner. Not overly hungry because of excessive appy ingestion………..I still ordered a freakin’ dinner, yeah! I was torn…………but ended up ordering the Burger. This was highlighted with a Guinness infused cheddar. Needless to say….I was quite excited/drunk. The rest of the table actually ordered an impressive variety of pub fare so this was a prefect chance to get a varied opinion about what we were having. I’ll admit, most peoples jaws bounced off the table when the food arrived. The portions were HUGE!!! There were enough fried present to backorder the PEI potato market for at least……6 days??? I don’t know……don’t judge me! Anyways…. Everything looked impressive, my burger included. So dig in! And what the hell happened here!!?!!? Everything in my burger was average, except the cheese. It had the strangest consistency. It’s like when you mix gravy and cheese and then let it harden in the fridge for a couple of days and then microwave it for 37 seconds. It was thick and chewy and tasted like nothing really. Hmmmm…..I sat confused for half a second but then continued to eat it anyways. Someone to the left had beef stroganoff. I did try it. The sauce was ok, mushrooms were nice but I found the meat a little tough and under seasoned. The noodles were cooked well but also lacked just that extra something special. My partner to the right had chicken club wrap and she was very impressed. It was a large wrap, stuffed full of club house favorites and a bushel of fries on the side! Across the table there was the largest platter of quesadilla-ness I’ve ever seen! There had to be at least 2lbs of fries, no joke! And the quesadillas were so stuffed with Mexican shananigans you almost needed three hands to lift a piece of it. Absolutely nobody complained about portion size.

The place is standard pub decor. Dark, heavy wood and lobby carpeting. Service was actually very good. The servers were constantly checking in for drinks during bowling and dinner and were prompt to make special requests happen immediately.

So overall I was left a little bit unsettled with the Pub. Bowling was great, beer was excellent….food was so-so. I would go back, but not expecting to be blown away in the kitchen. Bowl and drink and snack if you must. I’m going to give the place a 3.7 gutter balls out of 5. I think the beer saved them tonight. So have fun and enjoy the game. I recommend the 13lb balls though……STEEEE-RIKE!!!

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