Food Trucking in Town

We were in town on one of the beautiful late summer days so we took the boys for a walk through city park to stroll by the water and enjoy the day. We had the intention to have some lunch and what happened to be sitting in the park? The food truck! For the couple of you that follow my blog may recognize the name from when we were on the Island and visited the original location and had our minds blown!

We were very hungry and extremely excited. I have to admit expectations were high and the line up was long! We had to have the famous fish tacos, an avo taco and the daily special was a pulled pork taco. So let me start off by saying that there was a customer ahead of us that has now returned the tacos twice because of a sogginess issue. the chef ended up telling her to just throw them in the trash but I admit, that donkey was being rude about the whole thing though. Hee -hawwww! We placed our order and went to find a place to si……WTF!?!?!?! Giant ass green space and there are like two picnic tables for 73sq. km’s of park space. One of the most beautiful summer locations in the world and no place to sit and eat!?!? What a steamy pile of ogopogo shit this is! So in the grass we go. Our order is called up and it is time to dig in!

The fish tacos are truly amazing. So fresh and light. The fish and salsa are so well balanced topped with the spicy mayo and cabbage. It is one of the best things i have had ever. I could eat 12 and then still eat more. Crazy.

The ava taco has this brilliant panko crusted avocado with the same toppings as the fish taco so yeah, it dominated too! The fried avocado was perfectly crispy with nearly zero greasy side effects.

The surprise for me was the pulled pork taco. The pork was done very well. The sauce could have used a bit more zip to it, a little heat and a bit more flavour from some honey or bourbon perhaps? But what made up for that was the addition of pineapple to the mix. I do not usually enjoy pineapple. I do love all things pineapple flavored but the actual unit itself, mmmmmm not so much. The sweetness brought everything together and was quite masterfully thought out.

We all enjoyed our delicious tacos. The boys were loving the messy eats on the grass and we loved watching them love it. There was a lot of love going on……in the grass……..with the tacos. Maybe the city could use the license fees from the food trucks to install some picnic tables in the park, that would be nice. But now we have to ride our taco time machine back up to donkeyville. She did have a slightly valid argument. The tacos do get a bit soggy. My guess would be the juices from the fish and the fresh salsa leaking tomato guts as well. Doesn’t really bother me but if you are one of those people that doesn’t like soggy things touching their body well……….stuff it and eat the damn tacos!!! This is how street food should be. Messy and damn delicious so deal with it or cash in a two can dine coupon somewhere else.