I’m Salty

This meal was from when the festival was on (shows you how far behind I am). After taking in all the activities at the festival, well, we were hungry damn it! We did NOT want to dish out 6 bucks for a rot dog or 5 dollars for soggy fries so we made our way to Ave. to see if something their sparked some interest. Pub food, ice cream, bread – wait – HELLO!!! What is this magical portal of awesome which has shone its light upon us. Charcuterie by the name of Brick House. We have heard few but amazing stories of this place so we headed in. This is a nicely done place. Sleek and clean with the handmade product on display. Friendly staff right away and of course, some patio seating making it kid friendly. This kind of food is right at home for us because we eat similar dishes at home on a regular basis. We were very excited to see how the pros do it.

The menu is fantastic. Short and sweet with something that should suit everyone. Plus whatever the special may be for that day, which the server informed us was changed daily. It was very difficult to decide but I opted for the special which was the brisket sandwich and wifey ordered the Ploughman’s Lunch.

This was the sandwich. It is hard to tell from the picture but there is like an inch of meat stacked on that bad boy. The salad was just a mix greens with a vinaigrette which was very nice. But that damn brisket piece of perfection was out of control. This was by far the best sandwich I have ever eaten. By far. Nothing comes close. The bread was amazing. The crust was like granite but the middle was dense but fluffy and delicious. The hard crust was prefect because from the moment you pick that thing up to the moment you are done there are liters of fatty fat juices running down your appendages. It was unbelievable. The rich smoky flavor oozing out of that brisket was probably one of the best prepared meats I have ever eaten. And that crust held up to all of it. The sandwich was never soggy. Nope, not once. And all that was on there was a light smear of mustard. Fack!!!

This magnificent masterpiece was the Ploughman’s Lunch. Just look at it and then give yourself a slap because yeah, it is real. Ok here we go – 4 meats, andouille, a farmer sausage, a spicy one and a bacon, slightly different bread, eggs, grainy mustard, a rhubarb mustard if I remember correctly, figs, a bleu cheese which for me was really quite good, olives, peppers and onions. For 9 fackin dollars!!! You should be paying double for this!

We were blown away by this meal. It was the perfect lunch. The only problem was I could have eaten double because it was so good. Our little gourmet man was just inhaling everything in sight and saying how much he loved the sausage and bacon and dip it in the mustard and on and on and on. The 3 of us had a perma-smile for the rest of the day. Little little man was just cranky…..the usual baby gig. But he did like the bread! We could not fault this meal. We even bought some sausage and bleu cheese to take home and it was amazing as well.