Hotel Guacadole

And the following day my dad came up for a visit and wanted to go for dinner. Yay more free food! We also found this strange but we have actually never been to the Dorado for dinner. We’ve for every other occasion including events and brunch of course. So off we went excited for what… Continue reading Hotel Guacadole

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Time to go to Whistler

So as you know we spent some time at Whistler. My first time there and I was super excited! I was amazed at the amount of people. Mountain bikers everywhere and other people just hanging out and sight seeing. The entire village is gorgeous and the scenery is amazing. I really enjoyed myself there and… Continue reading Time to go to Whistler

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A Trip to Vancouver

We have been back for a couple of weeks now and before I forget most of what happened I thought I would share some yummy stories with you guys. We had some pretty awesome food on our trip. We made awesome meals in the trailer that were just as good or better than what we… Continue reading A Trip to Vancouver

Checking out the Market

This is the third annual Christmas Market in town. We visited the event the first year it was open and decided we would take the kid along with us for a weekend getaway! With a travel advisory just lifted for the area we risked treacherous weather conditions for our drive down to the coast. The… Continue reading Checking out the Market

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Festivus for the Rest of Us

Hello All!!! Along with fine food comes fine beverage and what better place to sample some of the finer things in life than at a freakin’ Scotch and Whiskey festival………with some beer too. I’ve been pumped for weeks about this event and was thrilled to be going with a very good friend of mine that… Continue reading Festivus for the Rest of Us

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Super German Food

Hello people! Sorry for the wait but it has been a busy week getting back to routine after our trip to Germany. I’m going to highlight some of the specialty or traditional food found in the area we stayed. This area is about an hour out of Stuttgart in the rural country areas surrounded by… Continue reading Super German Food

Airport food…

Well the airport provided dinner for our last meal in Canada before our trip. It was around 8pm so lets check it out. Well basically it was an average place in an airport. We opted to sit on the patio(chairs and tables in the hallway) instead of eating inside because the weather in the hallway… Continue reading Airport food…

Kinda weak trip…

Last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity of staying a prestigious 4 bedroom condo. We were definitely looking forward to having a relaxing and mountainous weekend. First night there we cooked one of the all time best delicious simple epic yummy meals anyone can do on their own. It requires a whole eff load of… Continue reading Kinda weak trip…