Cafe and Garden

Now that I am home and not working we get to do a lot more family activities on the weekends because I always used to work on Saturdays. This was my first time attending the Block Party. It was decent. Lots to see and do, fun stuff for the kids – you know, the usual. Although she said in previous years there were more vendors out in the street instead of them just being open regularly at the store. I wish it was a pedestrian only corridor that took full advantage of the summer weather and products grown in the valley offering people a unique and local experience. It wast super toasty outside that day and after a trip up and down the street we were just past lunch time. We looked at a few food carts – $4 bucks for a Dollar Store burger with a Heinz trio = NOPE! We were actually quite indecisive about what we wanted and now we are all getting hungry and grumpy so she suggested this Molly’s place that she has been to a few times and that some of our friends frequent regularly.

It is inside the little mall, Town Centre Mall I believe it is called. When you first see this place you would think of something along the lines of the old K-mart restaurant (but a little better, hehe). Very generic, no style, nothing kind of place. But the menu was huge and everything sounded delicious. So what the hell, why not. And it was actually starting to fill up quickly.

One sandwich I have never tried is a Monte Cristo. So I went for it. After I took the first bite I actually had the muscle twitch to punch myself in the face and say “Jesus Cristo, why the hell have I never eaten one of these before!!?!?” The turkey, ham and swiss was like this warm bundle of layered perfection slathered in the perfectly tangy honey dijon mayo. But what makes this sandwich is the grilled egg batter that it is fried with. See the charred bits of delicious on that gnarly unit! Yeah, you look and then you nibble that! So freakin’ good. In the back of the picture there you see The Man harpooning a Traditional Clubhouse like a nearly extinct sea mammal. That too was great. The turkey and bacon were extra good. The one complaint she had was the excess of mayo. I don’t mind lots of sauce, to an extent mind you. But I thought it was a decent showing for a clubhouse.

Overall I feel our Molly’s experience was very good. Don’t go there for a romantic lunch rendezvous or you’ll end up roasting your own turkey if you know what I’m s…….of course you do you bunch of pervs! It is a get your food and enjoy and hit the road kind of establishment. Food did come quickly but we did beat the rush. Personally I would like to see a little more higher end choice on the bread. The regular sandwich bread is so lame but it does work with the style of food. What would have made this a prefect sandwich for me……3 pieces of bread and double the ingredients. Godzilla should struggle to one-bite that thing but hey, that’s just my opinion.