Get Ready for This

Well birthday season is upon us at our house. Wifey is first than mine which usually translates into some family dinner outings. Unfortunately kiddo was grumpy and things were kind of last minute and we ended up at Los Queblos. Mostly because we did not want to go far but we were wanting to try… Continue reading Get Ready for This

Wines of the World

I was informed by a friend of an upcoming event at the winery. A class introducing people to wines of the world. I really wanted to go and the next day she surprised me with tickets to all three classes. That girl rocks! I was extremely excited because I have always wanted to expand my… Continue reading Wines of the World

A Grilled Brunch

One of my favorite days of the year took place last month – Anniversary time baby! So we packed up the family and headed out for a wonderful day of fun starting with a brunch at The Grill. Now I have done multiple reviews on this place and here is another note worthy one. Brunch… Continue reading A Grilled Brunch

Special night out

A couple of the wife’s co-workers were celebrating ten years at the firm and luckily enough spouses were invited out for an evening of awesome. They chose Boudins French Bistro located on Sunset. We have been here many times and it is always amazing and is always in the lists for top restaurants in town.… Continue reading Special night out

New Thai in Town

And the birthday dinners keep rolling with a night out with my two favorite people, my family. I actually tried phoning a couple places in town but one was closed for winter hours and the other was under renovations. WTF??? With time slipping away we decided something closer to home would be wise or else… Continue reading New Thai in Town

Special Night

We were invited to attend a fundraising event called “Reason for the Season” held at the Dorado. Well we sure as hell weren’t gonna turn that down! It’s always a good time seeing our friends and having some good food as well. Double the excitement because her brother and tv series winning chef is in… Continue reading Special Night

Dang I love Sushi

In celebration of our new nephew we took my wifes brother and his son out for dinner. Sushi??? Why not! So we tried the newly opened Sakura located by the Gisky gas station on the west side. First of all you may think the location is a little odd. And I think so too but… Continue reading Dang I love Sushi

Fro Yo for Joe Yo

Well I was all alone because my family were in Germany so my dad came to visit and take me out for dinner. I’ve only heard from a couple of people that have been to Joe’s and they didn’t really say much. And I’m kind of surprised it has taken me this long to go… Continue reading Fro Yo for Joe Yo

Motherday Sushi?

Congratulations to my girl on celebrating her first Mother’s Day! We had a great day with breakfast in bed and lots of fun activities with the kiddo! And we went for one of our favorite dinner choices! Sushi!!! And where did we go you askā€¦. Sushi. This was our second time there and I think… Continue reading Motherday Sushi?