2011 a Year of Ales

My first trip to the Ales party has highly anticipated. We all took part in the Beer party of the year!!! And I gotta tell you something….it was RAD! Tons of people, lots of different microbrewery’s and some food. The live bands were playing all the classic get hammered and punch your friend songs. The whole thing at first was a bit overwhelming. Deciding where to start and and which order to taste proved more difficult than expected.

We started with a Scotch Ale. I liked it. Wasn’t my fav. Had a very bitter finish.

Next was Red Racer White Ale. This was almost wheat ale-like with some citrus notes and a lingering spice finish. Was not bad at all.

Then the carnage broke out………every line was packed……..like 100 + people. So quick food grab and then we decided to cross the center and try the other side hoping to beat the crowds. Nope, not gonna happen. So I think next was…

An Irish Ale. Very nice. Tons of flavor. This probably ended up being our most popular hang out. I believe my local brewery had like 5-6 samples from here. The God Stout was a decisive favorite amongst samplers.

Now my favorite of the night was by Whistle, a local brewery. One called the Chocolate Cherry Porter. And ZOMG WTF FTW BBQ! Was it awesome. It was rich, full bodied, chocolatey to the palate with the glazed cherry finish. It was like drinking a glass of Le Vieux Pin Pinot Noir. Just melted you away to a happier place. There is something so much more intense about a handcrafted product then some mass produced 24 pack of stale llama piss.

My runner up was for sure Alpine Brewing Company Inc. Alpine Munich Märzen. It was crisp, refreshing and smooth. Almost caramel like. I would love this on the hot deck on hot day in my hot pants. Not the pants.

After a while though you get pretty fired up with all the craziness and lose your objective mind and want to taste everything! I am looking forward to the next one and hope to see some of you there. Ha! No I don’t I’m just saying that so you keep reading my blog.

Some of the food though was good, some was really terrible. Deep fried wontons were awesome, but the curry noodle bread bowl that was coming from a previous best food winner and acclaimed restaurant was gross. It tasted like microwave noodled nonsense. But for a whole 2 bucks, a bratwurst and sourkraut and onions was really awesome. Another win was a breaded veal burger minus the flimsy tomato…bleh! Tomatoes are gross but I like them cooked or in small pieces so stop calling me names!!!

So there it is people. I’m picking the Chocolate Cherry Porter as my beer of the evening. Out of the ones I tasted anyways.

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