Kinda weak trip…

Last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity of staying a prestigious 4 bedroom condo. We were definitely looking forward to having a relaxing and mountainous weekend. First night there we cooked one of the all time best delicious simple epic yummy meals anyone can do on their own. It requires a whole eff load of HQ shrimp, a massive amount of butter, a nearly equal amount of garlic and a whole wheat baguette. First thing, melt that butter! Then add zee garlic!!! Then cook-a the shrimp in the buttery sea of goodness. And I’m not joking but use like half a block of butter or more…. Then add the mix to the bowl and grab your freshly warmed in the oven baguette and dig in. And pair that with a Trebbiano and you may have an unsightly accident at the dinner table……….yeah it’s that good! 5 stars for cooking the best food around, 0 stars for the shit restaurant scene!!!

Now I spend a lot of time telling you guys about the good places around…..well I found a steaming lump known as crappy Pizza. Yeah, great name right? This place needs to be six feet under(metal!) ground!!! What a dump!!! It’s literally underground………..below the hustle and bustle of the ski lodge thingy. And the best thing that could happen to you going to this place is tripping down the stairs getting there and landing some kind of fat settlement check………..unlikely, stop drooling people. I mean the place is over run by Aussies, “What can I get ya, buddy?”, Here you go buddy” , “How you payin, buddy?” I’m not your effin buddy!!! Jack ass! The food was BLAND!!! I had a pulled pork sandwich and that’s about all it was. No epic house made bourbon BBQ sauce, no artisan baked bun, not even sure if the pork was pork……..could have been ski hill skunk for all I know! And there is a bakery there too!!! WTF!?!?! I didn’t know you could freshly bake a bun to taste 2 weeks old. Thats gotta take some skill maybe, but seriously… The rest of the crew all had pizza by the slice. Half of it was a weak crust and the rest was some sauce and hardly any ingredients. And the ingredients that were there were farmed by a distant relative of the freakin’ old bread baker!!! It was terrible……even the self serve effing water tasted like old lawnmower gas. I’d rather swim across the crocodile invested Amazon River with an open can of cat food tied to my junk then eat at Pizza again. I’m giving that dive .7 snowballs that you accidentally rolled a cat turd into out of 5 Frosty the Snowman sized snowballs.

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