Salads and Car Shows

This past Wednesday I met up with a good friend of mine for some food and car show action! For those of you who are not familiar with whats going on, during the summer months there is a free to attend car show at the parking lot near the Grand cinemas. If you like cool… Continue reading Salads and Car Shows

Sunsets and Food

Alrighty people!!! It was only a matter of time before I made it out to sample a reality tv show winning chefs restaurant or as we like to call him………….Tim. Big intro, I know! Being a true professional I did NOT consult with Tim before writing this post so hopefully the family does not disown… Continue reading Sunsets and Food

Making Mango

Saturday morning we went for a bike ride along the Mission. We were both in the mood for strolling downtown where we decided to take in a nice light lunch at Mango Cafe. Now if you haven’t been here before you gotta try this place! It’s always busy mostly because of awesome food at a… Continue reading Making Mango

Burger Town

Well due to a long day of crafting and painting we hit the town to check out a few items related to building a nursery a lot better than yours. Impressed with what we saw, it was late and we probably wouldn’t have been motivated enough to make dinner. Closest thing around that sounded appetizing….the… Continue reading Burger Town

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Getting Down by the Water

A new fresh fish market which opened within the last week or so. Upon driving by recently we noticed a lunch board saying they had fish and chips. So Dad came to visit today………lets go eat some freakin’ fish! Unfortunately Dad does not know limits on quantity when it comes to ordering food. Doesn’t matter… Continue reading Getting Down by the Water

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Random Hall Lunch

Saturday was an extremely busy day of shopping and cruising around town. Found some very cool roads around the Canyon area……..scenic route tourist in own city = awesome! Anyways, we finished up around lunch time and decided we were not motivated enough to make lunch. Plus I was craving an excellent burger. Big Hall was… Continue reading Random Hall Lunch

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Winning Street food Game

Wow, do I have a tasty little gem for you people today! Saturday was a big day of cruisin’ and shoppin’ in town! Looking more so than buying resulted in a quite a spirited appetite for us both. My partner has heard from a couple of people about a little place called the Street Food.… Continue reading Winning Street food Game

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Super German Food

Hello people! Sorry for the wait but it has been a busy week getting back to routine after our trip to Germany. I’m going to highlight some of the specialty or traditional food found in the area we stayed. This area is about an hour out of Stuttgart in the rural country areas surrounded by… Continue reading Super German Food

Airport food…

Well the airport provided dinner for our last meal in Canada before our trip. It was around 8pm so lets check it out. Well basically it was an average place in an airport. We opted to sit on the patio(chairs and tables in the hallway) instead of eating inside because the weather in the hallway… Continue reading Airport food…

Bowling and Brew

Greetings from Deutschland! I am deadly tired today but here we go! Friday was the tax party. We were invited to attend a bowling extravaganza at the Pub. So I’m thinking beer……bowling… food, can’t go wrong. Well it did and it did not. The bowling well it was alright………game needs some work though, Yikes! We… Continue reading Bowling and Brew