Christmas Party time

Some people dread them but for some odd reason I enjoy the work Christmas Party. It is a good chance to hang with your co-workers and goof off more than usual. Wifey’s parties always seem to be extra awesome and I always look forward to them. This year their party was at Boudins. We were… Continue reading Christmas Party time

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Wines of the World

I was informed by a friend of an upcoming event at the winery. A class introducing people to wines of the world. I really wanted to go and the next day she surprised me with tickets to all three classes. That girl rocks! I was extremely excited because I have always wanted to expand my… Continue reading Wines of the World

Welcome to the Peach

We were out enjoying one of the last few weekends of summer by visiting the farmers market. It is fun and you can find some good items. There are a few vendors selling produce but one of our new favorites is a bakery from the area called Grain bread. Unbelievably delicious breads using organic whole… Continue reading Welcome to the Peach

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Time to go to Whistler

So as you know we spent some time at Whistler. My first time there and I was super excited! I was amazed at the amount of people. Mountain bikers everywhere and other people just hanging out and sight seeing. The entire village is gorgeous and the scenery is amazing. I really enjoyed myself there and… Continue reading Time to go to Whistler

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A Grilled Brunch

One of my favorite days of the year took place last month – Anniversary time baby! So we packed up the family and headed out for a wonderful day of fun starting with a brunch at The Grill. Now I have done multiple reviews on this place and here is another note worthy one. Brunch… Continue reading A Grilled Brunch

A Trip to Vancouver

We have been back for a couple of weeks now and before I forget most of what happened I thought I would share some yummy stories with you guys. We had some pretty awesome food on our trip. We made awesome meals in the trailer that were just as good or better than what we… Continue reading A Trip to Vancouver

Special night out

A couple of the wife’s co-workers were celebrating ten years at the firm and luckily enough spouses were invited out for an evening of awesome. They chose Boudins French Bistro located on Sunset. We have been here many times and it is always amazing and is always in the lists for top restaurants in town.… Continue reading Special night out

Hey, it’s sushi!

I happen to come across some recommendations for this place while reading some forums. Someone was looking for a good sushi place and this one came up quite a bit. The wife’s parents were visiting so off to dinner we went. Just off of the main street by Subway, Sushi is easy to miss. I’ve… Continue reading Hey, it’s sushi!

Indian Classics

Well people it has been a while since I’ve talked to you but it turns out when you’re enjoying the first spring in your new home there are a lot of projects and neat things to be done. But we have made it out a couple times lately so why don’t we step into my… Continue reading Indian Classics

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Indian is my favorite

Sorry it has been a while for the three of you that read my blog. Moved into our new house, back from vacation and now back to food. It has been nearly a month since Fathers Day and I haven’t stopped thinking about the wonderful lunch we had at Everest Indian and Nepalese cuisine in… Continue reading Indian is my favorite

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