Special night out

A couple of the wife’s co-workers were celebrating ten years at the firm and luckily enough spouses were invited out for an evening of awesome. They chose Boudins French Bistro located on Sunset. We have been here many times and it is always amazing and is always in the lists for top restaurants in town. So lets get down to business. Those of you that have not treated yourself to a night out are truly missing out on a great dining experience. Great atmosphere and decor and I think some of the best service in town. If you do not value these traits in a restaurant then put your clogs on and march down to your local fast food drive thru and cash in your 2 for 5 bucks coupons. Yeah…YOU!

One of the best features that Bouchons puts out is a chefs table which is a 3 course meal for a set price. I love it because the specials are usually amazing and take advantage of seasonal supplies. However, I was there for one of my all time favorite dishes anywhere……the steak tartare. No, not tartare sauce for your fish and chips but pure raw cow still nibbling grass piled high with dijon and …..wait I’ll get there.

So as previously mentioned I did not opt for the delicious sounding chefs table but I did order the dungeness crab and scallop ravioli. This was ridiculous. Nothing is better than fresh handmade pasta. It is so soft and tender and well fresh! The sauce was this silky smooth ocean infused creamy sauce of love. It paired perfectly with the crab and scallop in the ravioli. A truly perfect pasta dish that let the ingredients burst through with simplicity.

She chose the appy from the chefs table which was a wild mushroom medley with puff pastry. It was amazing. The mushrooms have so much flavor and the sauce helped amplify those earthy bits of goodness. The puff pastry soaked up all that goodness and just melted away the moment you ate it. Wicked!

Here it is! In all its glory for you to enjoy. Steak tartare. What you don’t see is a jar with cornichons and a jar of dijon. I’m not a pickle fan, haven’t been since I was 7 or something, but I can eat these crunchy little buggers until my jaw unhinges and falls off my face. But the tartare itself is cool and delicious. A little bite from the dijon is complemented by the spices and herbs mixed within. The crustini make for a perfect scooper and add a necessary crunch to the tartare.

She was craving another classic French dish, the bouillabaisse. This classic soup is loaded, absolutely loaded with top quality seafood items. Look at the picture! That shrimp looks like a small dolphin! Also loaded with mussels and clams. This could also be one of the all time champions for an aromatic experience that will leave you feeling a little saucy! Dayyuuum!!! Yes I said it! The spice is balanced perfectly with the seafood and the fresh herbs enhance those flavours. The garlic croutons are magical. Crunchy and full of creamy garlic yummy! Oh yeah…

Here is a shot of the steamed mussels. I didn’t try them but they smelled and looked amazing. And rumor has it they tasted freakin’ awesome too. And because I eat an abnormally large amount of food I ate a quarter chicken, the leg to be exact. Flavor was excellent, nice crispy skin but over done due to the person that ordered requested chicken leather be placed on his plate. Oh well.

Yep. I somehow had room for dessert. And yes it made me very happy but there is no way I’m fitting into my skinny jeans for like 3 months OMG! This is a profiterolle. It’s kind of like a cream puff but this one is done with a decadent vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate sauce and roasted almond slices. It makes you want to curl up and cry with joy. So damn good.

Well there you have it people. Some bad ass French cuisine that everyone needs to try. It is the perfect place for a romantic evening, date night (parents you know what I’m talking about) or like we did a group of people having a great time. I can’t say it enough that exceptional food prepared with incredible ingredients is unbeatable. The care and attention to detail that a talented kitchen crew can create and serve on a plate demands respect and you can show them yours by getting out and trying something new. Tonight, only tonight or it doesn’t count and I quit. Ha! Just kidding, stop crying. Boudins is one of the best in town. Go check it out.