Indian is my favorite

Sorry it has been a while for the three of you that read my blog. Moved into our new house, back from vacation and now back to food. It has been nearly a month since Fathers Day and I haven’t stopped thinking about the wonderful lunch we had at Everest Indian and Nepalese cuisine in West Town. Located right on Main Street you would pass right by without noticing but once inside it is actually a large spacious restaurant. It’s simply decorated but clean. Definitely a family run show and we love that!

The menu is typical for Indian food. Lots of choices and they all sounds freakin’ good! We also have to get butter chicken so that was one dish, lamb tikka and sorry but I forget the name of the other one but it is a lentil based dish. We waited with great anticipation because we just love this stuff! When the food arrived the lamb tikka was sizzling and smoking hot. The aroma coming from that dish alone was enough to make my loins stir……..yeah I said it. Sauteed onions, fresh cilantro smelled incredible but the charred lamb was basking the senses and transporting you to the markets if India. The naan bread was enormous. First taste I was a little bit hmmm but the more I ate it, the better it got until it was so damn good it was better than any I’ve ever had. The butter chicken was legendary. It was like Aladdin flew up on that crazy carpet and smacked me in the face with the best butter chicken of all time. It was creamy, rich and the chicken was perfect. The lentils were also unbelievable. Spicy, thick sauce with delicious lentils was perfect on it’s own or with naan.

Now I have claimed previously that Darwins was the best around here. I think this is now the place to beat for Indian cuisine. I don’t know if I’m biased because it’s in West town but either it……….it’s awesome! I hope everybody goes now to check this place out. It’s soo great! You’ll love and then become addicted to the great flavours. What made this extra special for me was spending the day with my beautiful wife and handsome little man.