A New Spot in Town

I was invited out for a bachelor party dinner and was informed that we were going to Keg. Strangely enough I have never been to a Keg before. Being a lover of great steaks and meat this may come to a shock to some people. I always hear great things about and I was actually looking forward to what may come. Well holy ffffffiretruck what an absolute disappointment that was. Just terrible. I was actually shocked at the food that was dropped on my plate. Let me fill you in since you are so eager to know.

There it is. It’s rubbish. Alright, lets do this. Now take your bulging eyeballs and stuff them back where they belong because this masterpiece will hoof you in the back if your not careful. I love ribeye. It is the best cut for a steak. And as the three of you know(regular readers of the blog…..three…soo sad) I like my steak bleu. Yep, that thing was still gnawing grass when it arrived. I like my meat rare but hot damn that was sashimi beef! Not quite cooked enough so it actually lacked some of that delicious flavour from the marbelling of fat. And it was wrapped in applewood bacon with a bleu cheese and garlic sauce. The bacon was brutally undercooked as well. Topped with a soggy cheese thing it was quite difficult to eat. Have you ever seen a more dismal display of vegetables in your life? When I open my compost lid I see crusty shit at the bottom that out performs that sadness. The extremely average caesar salad was the only edible part of the plate.

I’m not sure if I’m trying to find excuses or what but the place was absolutely slammed when we showed up. Had to wait at least 20 minutes for our table. Service was decent considering. It felt like the place had as about as much atmosphere as the moon. It just seemed so dated and uninviting. Are all Kegs’ like this? Some of the other guys ordered a crab and steak special which they seemed to really enjoy. It looked nice. I mean there was freakin’ crab all over the plate but I never tried it. I was too depressed to. This happened back in May and recently driving through town noticed a board where a new steakhouse was being built. I hope the old one is being demolished and rises out of the ashes to redeem themselves but I fear it will be quite sometime before I go back.