A Random Classic

A couple of weekends ago we ventured out to the county again. Wifey loves most of it. He is still scared of the large climbing area. As with our usual family outing for the weekend we try to sneak in a good lunch and try something different. Wifey Urban Spooned something close by because we actually are not that familiar with the Rutty area. We were hoping to find some sort of small bistro or cafe deli kind of place and shaka-boom!!! The Spoon spits out some random Mediterranean deli place.

Awesome lets roll. Well turns out that place was closed down. But we saw a crazy looking place on the corner not far away so we U-turned the EQ and ripped over to this cool looking building with old bricks and contemporary elements. Jankies! Located on the corner of Side Rd, this building is super cool. Old brick look on the outside and hip and contemporary on the inside. The staff also have the rock star persona. We were diggin’ it! It is actually a very large space but could use some more tables I think. Perhaps they will come soon enough. The menu is totally gnarly. The dogs looked amazing in the featured ads on the walls. Very cool. We loved the concept. Make a hot dog gourmet and it is that simple.

The image alone is what sold me on my choice of dog. Named the Benny’s Big Boy and for good reason. This dog was loaded and I mean facking loaded with ham, chili, cheddar, mustard, bacon, hot peppers and a fried egg. If that doesn’t get your dog wagging its tail then you must be last weeks road kill! The masterpiece of wiener arrived sagging the tray it was carried on. The topping were spewing out of everywhere…………it needed one of those cone of shame things animals get after a visit to the vet. A perfectly fried egg lay on top barely holding the situation together. Upon the first bite I was absolutely blown away. The first thing I noticed actually was the bun. Perfectly toasted and just slightly larger than the regular fluff buns you get from the supermarkets. And the dog itself was meaty and juicy and tasted amazing. The whole package together was damn near perfection. I actually had to restrain myself from inhaling it. Amazing!

Wifey was torn but ended up with my second choice of the Master Perog. Yep. A perogy hot dog. Much like BP’s perogy pizza, this SOB was piled high with cheddar potato perogy filling, sauteed onions, bacon, sour cream and chives. It too was winning top breed in the hot dog field. Wow…..I’m just rollin’ with the dog lines tonight! Kiddo had the kiddie dog which is just a regular hot dog with some add ons if you like. He to enjoyed immensely and kept saying how good it was too.

The one thing we both commented on right away was the quality of the product as well as the preparation. Nothing was greasy or soggy but rather quite fresh and well presented. Both choices were packed full of flavor and each element seemed to have care and finesse to make a complete and well balanced hot dog. The last time I had a hot dog I had upset stomach and instantly regretted eating one. Today all I wanted to do was order another to see what kind of crazy they were going to present me. Service was great, the guys working seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. I happened to take notice to the large number of high school kids lined up for lunch. And the guys at the counter were joking with them and seemed to really appreciate the business no matter who was paying. It was nice to see.

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