Hotel Guacadole

And the following day my dad came up for a visit and wanted to go for dinner. Yay more free food! We also found this strange but we have actually never been to the Dorado for dinner. We’ve for every other occasion including events and brunch of course. So off we went excited for what was to come. This could go one of two ways with both boys with us…..happy and eating or crying and crying. Well you’ll see.

We were one of the first tables there of course because of our early reservation. But that made for prompt and attentive service. We were set up with all the family necessities and were given the menus and specials. Wifey opted for a menu item while Dad and I took the special. Those of you that have not been to the Dorado are truly missing out on one of the nicest dining rooms around. The atmosphere is cozy, the decor is interesting and subtle and it has that vintage class about it.

For an appetizer we ordered lamb croquettes with a tapenade. These were amazing little balls of joy……hmmm I knew it when I said so stop giggling! Yeah, anyways……delicious. Cooked to tender perfection. And we are not fans of olives but the tapenade paired perfectly with the lamb. These little units disappeared quickly.

The special this evening was an 8oz ribeye, with horseradish whipped potatoes and seasonal vegetables and a blue cheese arugula salad. Ribeye happens to be my favorite cut of beef so I could not say no. And yes I ordered blue you sissies!!! When the food was served our server informed us that the chef had added some extra meat to the order. It is hard to tell from the picture but there is enough ribeye on the plate to question whether it came from a cow or wooly mammoth!!! I mean there was nearly double the portion. We were all super impressed. And the best part…..cooked to facking perfection! It still had a pulse but was rested the proper amount of time because there wasn’t even a drip anywhere! Damn! Dad also ordered his bleu and same thing. Wickedness!!! The meat was incredible. The potatoes were whipped so hard they should be titled 50 Shades of Potatoes! Sa-lap!!!! The veg were delightfully el dente, which is the only damn way they should be! I have been working on my tolerance to blue cheese and can handle some of the milder choices but this salad with the blue cheese and arugula was impressive. The whole damn plate was a harmonious feast of dominance!!! One of the best I’ve ever had I think.

Wifey ordered the Australian Lamb duo. It too was an incredible display of culinary mastery. The lamb chop was a perfect medium temperature and so tender and melt in your mouth that it made butter seem like gravel. The sous-vide was equal to or more luscious than the chop. Incredible. And for your culinary tip of the day: sous-vide is the method of cooking food in an airtight plastic bag or wrap to produce even texture and doneness. The biggest surprise on her plate was the sunchoke and blue cheese pave. It was rich and smooth and had the most amazing flavor. The asparagus and other veg were equally nice and the lamb jus brought it all together and then slapped you in the face with love. Remember now, kiddo is just over 2 years old and at one point he turns, looks at and says “Mama, I would like to try the pave.” How awesome is that little guy! He sat for over 2 hours and was having the time of his life. Such a sophisticated individual…….minus the nose picking and random ball grabbing. Anyways…..

We both had the same dessert which was a sticky date cake with stout ice cream and caramel sauce. This was soo good!!! I wish I could have a life size one and burrow into it, make a cave and live in it waiting to shovel loads of stout ice cream as it falls from the sky. The rich dates and the full bodied stout ice cream were meant to be together bound by their endless love for caramel. This dessert could have been a romance novel. Silly I know but it made me tingle in places….

This was a perfect dining experience. Finally. The staff was amazing to our family. Attentive to both adults and children and we never felt out of place one even if kiddo was crying or we had to carry him around in the car seat. They really went above and beyond to ensure we had a memorable birthday dinner. We take great pride in immersing our children in various types of cuisine and to watch kiddo really enjoy himself and the food was unforgettable. Dorado provided us with the warm cozy evening we had envisioned for wife’s birthday dinner. Dad and I shared an amazing bottle of Pinot Noir; a 2009 from Blue Mountain and it was easily top 3 Pinots I’ve ever had. And the food. It really did speak for itself this evening. Simple, well executed dishes that tasted amazing. There is nothing left to say or do other than to stand up and give an extended slow clap to the Dorado.

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