Get Ready for This

Well birthday season is upon us at our house. Wifey is first than mine which usually translates into some family dinner outings. Unfortunately kiddo was grumpy and things were kind of last minute and we ended up at Los Queblos. Mostly because we did not want to go far but we were wanting to try something new. They have been open since the summer, I drive by it multiple times a day and my curiosity was getting the best of me so there you have it. Happy? Oh you guys!

We were not sure what to expect. It is a small little place right on Main St. across from the jewellery shop (they are awesome by the way). It used to be a little Italian place forever but I never had the chance to try that place. We were the first ones there and were greeted by a hostess wearing her winter jacket. She then proceeded to inform that it is extremely cold inside and that it would “warm up” eventually. Uhhhhhh ok. I understand saving money on utilities but wtf?!?! Have your restaurant ready to go when the doors open. I mean it was freezing in there. This is a Mexican place. Mexico. Warm, spicy, inviting and energetic. Shit, I thought I needed to hibernate before my food was ordered! They also employed a small ceramic heater to try and get things warm but that thing should have been tossed into trash decades ago. Kiddo was very interested in one of the weakest cactus displays I’ve ever seen. But it kept him and myself occupied. The menus sounded great. All the suspects I would expect. Tacos, fajitas, quesadillas……the usuals. We ordered a special home made juice drink that was actually quite delicious. Made from tamarind and cane sugar……some gnarly fruit thing I’m guessing.

I ordered the chipotle chicken taco combo which gives you a drink at a discounted price. Now I noticed a problem right away. Extremely small protein amount for a dinner entree. I would consider this a lunch portion. 4 tacos and enough filling to fully stuff one. However what was there was good. Smoky and spicy chicken and the little tacos were actually very good. The rice was boring, the refried beans were plain and not a nice consistency and the little salad was fresh but lacked excitement.

Wifey ordered the fish tacos. Same issues that I had. The fish was very good though. Nice crispy fish with a light slaw. Kiddo enjoyed the fish but he actually did not eat that much.

Disappointment was the word of the evening. Definitely a major let down for a birthday dinner for my beautiful wife and partner. You should not have to wear a winter jacket to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant or any restaurant for that matter. I will accept that at some Euro Ice Hotel maybe but not here. Service was not professional or personal. It was as cold as the building, bahaha lame sorry! Little guy was sleeping in his car seat when the loudest margarita blender screeched to life. And why the hell the other tables were ordering one of those was beyond us. The food has potential but is missing some flare and innovation to stand out and be a local hot spot. I left hungry. This is bad. Unfortunately we are recommending a pass on this one. Unless something drastic changes then it’s a nope from me.

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