Woodfiring Bakery

The Bakery is a place in town that everyone knows. But for some strange reason in the nearly eleven years we’ve been here I have never been. So after our first visit to the place we needed some kick ass lunch. So off we went for some wicked food. I was very excited to see what kind of German style dishes they had to offer. She has actually been before and she has always reminded about how good it is.
I love the traditional feel on the inside. Rustic wood decor everywhere including a gnarly wood and chalkboard menu board. They are in the process of doing some updates including flooring and contemporary bathrooms but none of it takes away from the charm pouring out of the main area. One thing we thought was a little odd was the amount of staff willing to take your order. There was one dude at the till taking your order, then the next person asks what you ordered and then gives that order to someone else that goes and relays that order to the people making the food. It seemed a little excessive. We took our seats and waited impatiently.

I ordered the Bavarian veal. It is one of my favorite dishes when we travel to Germany. she tells me it is the equivalent to our hot dog but in loaf form. But this is so much better than a hooves and forehead packed rot dog. It has a delicious addicting flavor that goes perfectly with what it was paired with. Perfectly caramelized onions with a semi sweet grainy mustard. The kaiser bun was very good for a white bun and was smeared with a herb butter. The one thing I didn’t care for was the sauerkraut. I’ve never liked it and this definitely will not change my mind. I did have a few scoops of it but…………nope! Still no good. It is hard to tell from the picture but that meat is close to 3″ thick. So I halved it and made an amazing sandwich with the onions and mustard. I inhaled that freakin’ thing! Kiddo had a couple bites and then wanted a one too. So I stole wifey’s bun and made another!.

She had basically the same thing except she had the bratwurst lunch. She claimed the brat to be nothing special but I happened to find quite scrumptious. It had a subtle depth of spice that I found quite good. Cooked perfectly, it was moist and juicy just the way I like my sausage…….oh yeah. And yes you guys are perverts for thinking it but I won’t judge. Eli had a large percentage of the bratwurst before annihilating most of one of my sandwiches.

I definitely was impressed with the Bakery. It was an excellent lunch after a fun morning of activities. It nice to have some expectations met for once. I have to admit I had high hopes which I usually try not to do. I think anyone can go here and enjoy and large fulfilling lunch. The portion size was excellently large and the price was bang on! In true Deutsche style though I did not see much for a “healthy” option. Don’t come here looking for a cucumber salad is all I’m trying to say. I strongly recommend you trying this place. It is great fun and casual and easy. You get what you should expect and you won’t be let down.

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