Christmas Party time

Some people dread them but for some odd reason I enjoy the work Christmas Party. It is a good chance to hang with your co-workers and goof off more than usual. Wifey’s parties always seem to be extra awesome and I always look forward to them. This year their party was at Boudins. We were totally pumped because we have not been there for quite some time and we ready to leave the boys at home and have a good time.

I am going to go ahead and warn you now. I drank a whole bunch of wine and was quite drunk or very drunk because I barely remember anything. But don’t let that skew your assessment of my evening because the food was amazing…..and that I do remember! Unfortunately I do not have to many details left of that night. It was over a month ago now and the memory isn’t what it used to be with my old age. Everyone agreed that the food was amazing I had a beef tenderloin with a mushroom jus…….I think. And I definitely salivated……on myself. Not awkward. Very juicy and tender and of course cooked to facking perfection! There was a wicked appy that I can’t remember and the dessert was some bitchin’ ice cream and tart thing…….maybe. Frick. The wine was good though! And the fries (or frites if you rock the Francais) are just one of the best single things you will ever enjoy. Served unnaturally hot in a paper cone in a basket with mayonnaise. Tabarnac!!!

A fantastically fun evening with good people and near perfect food I have to say they did an amazing job. Service is top notch and the wine was good….again.

My work party was not as exciting but I do remember more so yay me. Even though I was the only drinking the bottle of wine I ordered. I managed to stop myself after 2/3’s of the bottle. The Grill is where we visited. Yes people…..the roller coaster of culinary excitement again. And this time……….not that impressed! Which was so disappointing because the last time we went, which was the brunch I believe, was so damn good I almost had an accident in my pants! For dinner, the menu sounded amazing! But what the balls!?!?! The pricing somehow skyrocketed in the past 4 months and dishes are nearing $40. And by no means where they good enough. The proteins were all excellent! Damn good even. I had a wild boar bacon wrapped beef tenderloin. Sounds amazing right? It was but they overcooked my beef. I like it bleu. And it was rare – med.rare. The sides is what destroyed the dishes. I’m talking grilled zucchini, carrot, and half a baby potato. The most uninspired sides ever. Give me some white truffle risotto or wild mushroom barley bake, shit I’d even take Kicks over that! Sorry……food rage was a little high there. So disappointing. Even my wine was not as good as I remembered but it was 5-6 years since I’ve had the the Vines Foch from Gate. We actually took the boys to this one to show off Mr. Oliver because he was only 2 months at the time. So service was very slow and sparse although when present she did do a good job. The highlight for me again…….fries. WTF! Just good ol’ fries with a truffle mayo. It was delicious. I should have 7 orders of those and my night would have been perfect. Oh well.