Wines of the World

I was informed by a friend of an upcoming event at the winery. A class introducing people to wines of the world. I really wanted to go and the next day she surprised me with tickets to all three classes. That girl rocks! I was extremely excited because I have always wanted to expand my wine knowledge beyond the local producers. There were three courses in total, each two hours in length, about Italian, French and Spanish wines.

If you have never been to a culinary workshop at the restaurant then…..well…….it is your own damned fault. They are great fun, informative and enlightening. Everyone that I have attended has left me with a smile on my face as I stroll the grounds back to my vehicle. These wine courses were no exception. The classes were hosted by the director of wine education. He did an amazing job. One of the best classes I have ever attended. He is well traveled and has grown up in the wine business and knows pretty much everything there is to know about wine and its creation. I found him to be very personable and engaging during the presentation. His open no holding back style was great, I can relate to that and his personal experiences tie into the wines and regions they are from.

Each class was a minimum of 6 tastings and France had 7. The kitchen produced some delicious samples to go with the country we were visiting. They were incredible treats on their own. And yes, I learned exactly what I was hoping to learn. How to decipher a label from foreign producers, how to identify various levels of quality and variety of grapes used. But just listening to him and his stories and humor was the star for me. I can’t wait to do the next series in January. My only complaint would be the class is too short for the amount of information he threw at us. But just drink the wine and relax…..all is well.

The biggest surprise for me was the Italian wine. They were ridiculously delicious. You are given a nice folder with some of the presentation slides, the wine tasting list and cost so I will be buying some of everything we tried. The French wine was really good but nothing really was surprising…..I almost kind of expected everything to be the way it was. The Spanish wine was also fantastic. There is some really interesting product being developed there and it is becoming very popular.

I definitely recommend going to one of these events. It will leave you wanting more and if not hopefully you learned something new about the wines of the world.

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