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We were out enjoying one of the last few weekends of summer by visiting the farmers market. It is fun and you can find some good items. There are a few vendors selling produce but one of our new favorites is a bakery from the area called Grain bread. Unbelievably delicious breads using organic whole grains. Check it out if you like bread or if you prefer a chemical induced ass coma……continue eating your Wonderbread. After picking up our goods we decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch and enjoy the perfect late summer sunny weather. One of the best patios around just happens to beon the Lake in Peachland.

At this time, wifey was getting on in the pregnancy and had be known to have a craving now and then. Today she opted for the super-deutsche platter which consisted of schnitzel, bratwursts, spatzle, knodel and a bitchin’ mushroom gravy. This platter was the one of the specials for the day and it was an impressive piece of awesome. Although very warm outside this meal was hitting the spot for my hot wife. Everything was exceptional. The schnitzel was tender with a crispy crust, the bratwurst were delicious and the sauce was mushroomy goodness. The spatzle will never be as good as her moms but hey………..mom’s make the best stuff right? And for those of you that don’t know what it is are truly sad individuals. It is a dough that is put through a press straight into boiling water which gives these nice doughy noodle like treats. They are served as a side but they are best as leftovers with a nice aged cheddar melted over.

I was not feeling as ambitious but did snag the schnitzel burger. Again the schnitzel was very good and crispy, just the way I like it. The rest of the burger was standard stuff but the fries were of the excellent variety. Well done. A simple but tasty and well executed burger.

We have been to the place for all sorts of occasions and have always had amazing food. The restaurant and pub are cool little places that are ultra rustic and full of atmosphere. Service is great and sitting on the patio is relaxing……..too relaxing almost as I wish to spend an entire day drinking dunkels beer in the courtyard.

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