Time to go to Whistler

So as you know we spent some time at Whistler. My first time there and I was super excited! I was amazed at the amount of people. Mountain bikers everywhere and other people just hanging out and sight seeing. The entire village is gorgeous and the scenery is amazing. I really enjoyed myself there and was glad we had another fun family adventure. I can picture you reading and going “happy family blah blah blah where is the effin food!?!?!?” I am warning you now we went at the beginning of July and it is now early September. I may or may not recall things that we had and I will try my best to find menus and whatever to give you an accurate description. This issue had prompted me to change my method of recording the experience to better enhance your visit to the site. Or I’ll just say screw you guys and I’ll just make some shit up.

Our first bite of awesome came at a place called The Mexican Corner. Conveniently located on the corner of the IGA building. How clever…. Eli and I met Eva for lunch (after all this was a “work” function) and we were lucky enough to score a patio seat!

I ordered this beauty of a dish. The Alambre de Pollo is an authentic made with seasoned chicken breast , bacon, onions, red peppers, and delicious melted cheese in a homemade tomatillo salsa. Served with guacamole, mashed beans,
pico de gallo and four corn tortilla to make your own tacos. Yeah, make your own tacos. The only thing better than build your own tacos is a unicorn that shits rainbows into a pot of gold. Now THAT would be awesome. I loved everything about this dish. The fresh ingredients, the perfectly cooked chicken and roasted veggies. I love salsa and guacamole and so does the kiddo so we tag team devoured this stuff. There were four tacos on the plate but I could have had another four easily.

She rocked these Enchiladas Verdes like a boss! This authentic and delicious homemade roasted tomatillo salsa is seasoned with garlic, onions, serrano peppers and more. This not quite as great as my dish but it was very good. We loved the sauce on the enchiladas and it was paired well with the mexican rice and beans. The chicken again was very nice and we just wanted more.

It was busy and we had to rush a little to make it happen in the lunch hour. Service here was great and the second best we had on the hill. Everyone remembers Speedy Gonzales right? The crazy little mexican mouse that Sylvester was always trying to catch. Imagine that little furry bugger running around on your face shouting “Arriba” and flinging mexican food in your mouth, that is how this made me feel.

Next up we had planned an evening out with some excellent friends of ours. They highly recommended a Tuscan restaurant called Trattoria. It was a simply decorated fine dining area that had a simple charm about it. Since we had the little guys with us we were early and given a great table in the corner with a view of the pool deck. They have a delicious menu with some equally excellent specials.

I believe this to be a lobster and scallop cake with avocado. I remember feeling absolute joy while eating this. It was creamy and smooth and bursting with fresh seafood flavor. I actually stopped chewing to savior every bite. Definitely one of the most delicious appetizers I have ever had. I didn’t want it to end. Just fantastic ingredients that caressed each other lovingly and cooked perfectly and simply. This is what Tuscan food is all about.

Wifey had a salad consisting of feta and onions and some kind of vinaigrette. I actually don’t remember it all but I know she enjoyed but it was not as mind blowing as above lobster cake!

I think this was a ravioli dish. Unfortunately I do not remember it as fondly as I did the appy. I do recall how amazing the home made pasta dough was. The sauce to was outstanding and creamy. It definitely had a smokey tomato flavor of awesome to it.

This gnocchi dish was gnarly! Again the homemade dough is incredible. It is that much more tender and smooth compared to a dried pasta. Simple creamy sauce with some fresh herbs and Parmesan. Can’t beat that.

Desserts are always wicked and these were no exception. This chocolatey chocolate mousse was outstanding. With a dollop of ice cream and some cherries this is what women replace sex with. Yeah I went there. But it had to be said.

I honestly don’t remember what this was but I remember it being super rad as well.
I have been to many Italian restaurants and this just may be the best I have had. Simple, classic dishes cooked to perfection with service to match. Fresh ingredients paired with homemade love is always a recipe for kick ass. I highly recommend this as your special night out when visiting Whistler.

Another place we visited was a casual place called LaBocca. It was typical fare; burgers, sandwiches, pizza, pasta. The usual stuff. It was always busy when we walked around the village so we stopped in for another lunch break. Wifey ordered this bacon chicken on focaccia. It was alright. Bacon was good, chicken was nice. But it lacked something special. Something that would make you go back for another one and another one. Fries were pretty standard.

I ordered a beef burger. Just look at that sad thing. It looks like someone tried to polish a turd! But it did not taste as bad. It too was very average with nothing to jump out and kick you in the nads with great flavor. Sweet potato fries are always good and these were too. For the price I’ve had way better but little guy likes fries and it made him happy.

LaBocca was LaLame. They may have some other dishes that might be better but I won’t be going back on any future trips to Whistler. Service was also very sparse making difficult to acquire the 347 napkins one needs with a toddler present.

The last exciting meal on our trip was at a creperie called Crepe Montagne. It was a long to hike from the hotel to get there but well worth it. We loved the cozy hustle bustle atmosphere inside. The kitchen and cutlery and dishes was all stuffed in the way of everything with some vintage painted brick decor and booth seating. Service was ultimo-friendly and cheerful. And loved little man of course. That little dude can attract some serious female attention. Well.Done.Sir. Anywhozzle. This mouth watering piece of awesome was a breakfast crepe with eggs and canadian back bacon. A fantastic surprise that was both delicious and filling. I smiled the whole time I ate which left wifey feeling rather creeped out. Sorry girl….

This was a tomato lovers crepe. Not so much my thing but there is some more of that gnarly bacon on there. Little guy also enjoyed this one. We just loved the whole idea and execution of the crepe meal. Great job.

For breakfast dessert we ordered a mixed berry and vanilla sauce crepe. I’m not a big “mixed berry” fan because all I can taste is raspberries and that is one of the few things I don’t like. Yeah. I’ve heard all the arguments about raspberries so……stuff it. It was light and airy and just melted away with the vanilla sauce. Wonderfully done.
We loved this place. There is no reason to have breakfast anywhere else on Whistler. Absolutely the most creative and delicious breakfast I have ever had. I would love to sit there all day with a book and have them conveyor belt me some coffee and various crepe creations. We loved it. Kids will love it. This is how to do breakfast.

I was really impressed with Whistler. The endless activities and sights was well appreciated in keeping us busy while Eva attended her work. I like the busy but relaxed feel of the main village areas. There is shopping and dining for budget levels and the experience is something everyone can enjoy. Obviously for us the dining was top notch. There are dozens and dozens of places to eat though. One could spend months up there and never have the same thing twice…..except for crepes. I would cover my body with them and snuggle forever. So if you ever at home wondering how in the world you’ll ever catch up on your reruns of the Tardashians (nope, not a spelling mistake) maybe pack up for a couple of days and experience something great. This has been another fantastic installment. Keep eating great food and drinking better wine. It will make you a happier person. Nope, that was too lame. I’m not going to do the epic positive speech finale again. Didn’t feel right so we’ll try this instead. Eat a big ass burger and drink some beersss-es??? Niiiiiccce. Thanks everyone!

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