A Grilled Brunch

One of my favorite days of the year took place last month – Anniversary time baby! So we packed up the family and headed out for a wonderful day of fun starting with a brunch at The Grill. Now I have done multiple reviews on this place and here is another note worthy one. Brunch is a tough one in this area as it is dominated by the performance put out at Dorado. So lets take a closer look shall we.

This brunch is ridiculously large. The first table area is just for breakfast related items. Cereals, granola, musli, nuts of all varieties, fruit, yogurts, all sorts of different milks, it just kept on going. And good quality fresh items as well. Next table area was seafood. Also gargantuan in size. A large salmon was presented with a light creamy sauce, crab legs, shrimp, muscles, oysters. Also here was the bread and cheese platters. Nearly every quality cut of cheese was available with some artisan breads or crackers. Next was the table of warm foods including some lunch and breakfast items. Four different kinds of eggs benedict which I do not usually care for because of the hollandaise sauce is so heavy smothering. But this one in particular sounded so good I had to have it. A smoked salmon eggs benedict. It may have been the best egg dish I have had. It was cooked to perfection, the salmon was delicious and flavorful and the perfect amount of sauce. Just enough to add some creaminess to the whole package. Amazing. Then there were the usual suspects; bacon, sausage, roasted potatoes. For lunch there was a chicken dish with some crazy spices, short ribs I think and another I can’t remember because there was too much.

There were two made to order stations. One was the omelette and another one was……sushi! Effin sushi!!! Gnarly right? I ordered an omelette fully loaded and it was outstanding and freakin’ enormous! I could eat four or six but then require immediate medical attention. The sushi too was quite good. Not the best I have had but very good. I took some pre-made rolls but you could ask the cook to make a roll of your desire. Also in this mix was a large brisket. It looked so succulent that I had to try some with grainy mustard. Yeah, I almost spanked that brisket it was soo good.

The dessert round was crazy. I had to try one of the many different house made truffels. Mocha I think is what I had. A tasty rich little unit that was let me tell you what! There were four different dessert dishes glaring at me but the ones I tried was the chocolate mousse and this wicked looking strawberry cream layered cake of awesome. It was multiple layers of puff pastry, fresh strawberries and whipped cream from scratch. No, the crap in an aerosol can does not count.

We were so full it was uncomfortable to move. One thing that was common throughout the entire brunch was quality. Quality of ingredients and quality of execution. Everything was delicious and fresh. Nothing felt like it has been sitting out for any length of time. Even though there was no waffles, we felt it was as good OR better than the Dorado brunch. Sorry I did not take any pictures but I was just overwhelmed by the whole situation that I just started eating and couldn’t stop smiling. It was a great anniversary meal and a memorable one for sure.

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