Hey, it’s sushi!

I happen to come across some recommendations for this place while reading some forums. Someone was looking for a good sushi place and this one came up quite a bit. The wife’s parents were visiting so off to dinner we went. Just off of the main street by Subway, Sushi is easy to miss. I’ve seen it a thousand times but you forget it as soon as you drive by. This is the problem with the downtown area hence the heated political debates about what to do with the downtown core. Anyways….once inside it is very typical standard issue stuff. Tables……and a sushi bar. If it is contemporary asian ambience you desire…..find it somewhere else. It’s almost like a sushi diner! Bah! Service was weak. I saw the lady sitting at the till playing on her phone numerous times and when she was at the table she added no value to my experience. And sushi can be such a wonderfully intense experience that one
would have to remain seated for some time to avoid an embarrassing situation.

We ordered a sushi platter plus a tempura order for the little food eating machine kiddo and her parents each ordered a dinner box. When the food came out I was blown away by the presentation and quantity of the dinner boxes. The best I have seen from any sushi place. A large piece of salmon, tons of veg, nice salad and rice. It looked outstanding. They really enjoyed it and had only good praise for the dinner box. The tempura was just as good as any I have had. Some of the veggie pieces were quite large which is a bonus and the shrimp were great too. Now for the true test……suuuushi hiiiya!!! WTF!!!! I was not impressed. No way. So disappointed. It was like grocery store plastic box sushi sitting all day badness. Not even the wasabi tasted fresh. It was bland and lacked any vibrancy in flavor. I ate it though…..sadly. Perhaps a tear in the corner of my eye.

It was a bad scene for me but there were take out orders flying out of the kitchen so somebody is eating the stuff. Or maybe they just run it around back to the kitchen as a ploy to lure in new customers hmmmm… There are better choices out there people so make an informed decision before you go sushi yourself. Ha! You like that one? Thought so… Perhaps a dinner box or 6 kilos of tempura might be decent choice but the rolls……eeewwww. So I’m giving Sushi a sushi F with 2.1 splintered bamboo chopsticks to the heart out of 5. Lame…. I love sushi soo much…