Indian Classics

Well people it has been a while since I’ve talked to you but it turns out when you’re enjoying the first spring in your new home there are a lot of projects and neat things to be done. But we have made it out a couple times lately so why don’t we step into my little room here and have a chat……..creepy??? I thought so.

Mothers Day is (was) upon us and Mom made an excellent choice in Everest. Now the three of you that occasionally follow along know that I have reviewed this before but we strictly ordered from the Nepalese choices to try something unique. However, we did order samosas for an appy to get the kiddo rockin’. That little guy gets huuuungry!

There are six Nepalese dishes on the menu and all sound excellent. First up was a chili mushroom dish that was absolutely incredible. It has such a depth of flavor with the different spices, peppers and mushrooms. It was not quite a curry sauce but close and I could not get enough of it. Something about it was strangely addicting. This was the highlight for me and is one of the best dishes I’ve had from and Indian restaurant.

Another dish we tried was the prawn curry. This too was very good. A much more simple dish which allowed the prawn to be the star. Again this curry was different. I found it a little sweet with a thicker consistency but a more mild flavor. This was my least favorite of the ones we tried.

Next up was the momo. A momo is a minced meatball stuffed into a traditional bread. It is basically a dumpling and the bread is more like a thin dumpling like dough. The flavor in the beef was delicious with hints of traditional Indian spices. They were extremely good and Eli loved peeling the dough off and devouring it, so I mostly ate meatballs. And of course we pair everything up with naan because if you don’t you should just stay home and stir up some more packaged alfredo sauce.

Like my previous reviews of Everest this one is no different. Amazing food. That’s it. Simple. I encourage everyone to get out and try something new and find new favorites. Start here and you will not be disappointed. These Nepalese dishes were great and I can picture these as family favorites of the people who traditionally eat this food. I am giving this place a 4.8 home made by the fire Mt. Everest base camp sherpa spoons out of 5. Yeah, that was a winner! Enjoy!