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For the final installment of the birthday extravaganza my dad accompanied us to Local lounge. I have reviewed this before but when something is so freaking good I have to let you nice people know about it. So the whole crew headed out on a Saturday night for dinner. If you are not familiar with the area the place is actually kind of hard to find. But is set beautifully on the water with a great view. As usual when dad comes to town he wants to order enough food for about 37 people. So lets check it out.

Our server informed us of the specials with her best auctioneer impression. I caught most of it but dad looked pretty clueless because I don’t think he’s heard of 3/4 of the ingredients or dishes. As usual, with the kiddo on board, we get appies happening rather quickly. But wait, this is the most out of control appy order I’ve taken part in. After some deliberation we decide on three appies. Calamari, duck confit perogies and crab cakes. As we place our order the server informs us that the crab cakes in deed is a crab cake(singular). “Well we’ll take three of those then” says the father. WTF? That’s 50 bucks in crab cakes but hey I’m not going to argue with crab cakes…..ever! So the calamari was done a little differently. They were quite large pieces done in a crumb like coating rather than the traditional batter. We found the pieces a bit large and the crust too crusty??? However the dish was very tasty. The sauces were a perfect match. A chorizo-olive saute and lemon-caper aioli. Yum! He loved this one too!

I love perogies. More so than you would think a person can. My grandma makes the best ones. No questions. As a youngster I was known to eat 20+ at a time. But take an effin seat Gramma!!!! These perogies kick ass! The duck melts away as the tender dough caresses your taste buds. The onions and duck prosciutto work magic and then slap you when you’re not looking. Finishing off this flavor assault is a cherry-sour cream sauce that adds just a touch of sweet to the saltiness of the duck. Oohhh yeahhh!

Crab cake….HELLO! It was delicious! Could be best crab cake I have ever had. It was so moist and sweet from the crab and it was perfectly cooked with a dark golden crust. The slaw is a great accompaniment to the crab but what really set this cake off was the sauce. A fresh and light lemon basil creme fraiche was the perfect choice for this appy. Unbelievable!

It is difficult to imagine how good the rest of the meal will be when it starts off so damn well. I think at one point she poked me because I was staring off into space enjoying the magical land of yummy food and what will become of great food worldwide. Ahhhh… When the menu sounds this good it is hard to chose but I decided upon the Fraser Valley pork cheeks. This was the most tender and juicy pork I have ever eaten. Amazing. She tried it…..nearly dropped her fork and…..”That IS the best pork I have ever had.” What else do I need to tell you. No really, that’s it. Blog is done, later! Just kidding, oh you guys are silly! The polenta was just as good, rich, creamy and smooth. Perfectly created. The spinach was nice but the apple relish was perfect with the pork. A little sweet and acidity to cut through the porkage. Porkage is a new word….look it up.

She ordered a brown sugar cured duck breast. I’m not sure where they are finding these ducks but I’m guessing it’s right beside the secret glade where unicorns and rainbows are abundant. Cooked medium and incredibly moist and sweet. This duck tops my list of duck dishes I have had. The whole dish was balanced and with some complex flavors working well together. The potato puree was deliciously smooth and the subtle hint of lavender on the beets enhanced the richness of the duck. A citrus jus helped break up some of those rich flavors. Well done!

Dad ordered a burger for some strange reason. Probably out of fear of not knowing what anything else was. The server quickly offered all sorts of add ons including 4 types of mushrooms, onions, cheese. So he took them all……big surprise. But that damn burger was the size of a VW Beetle! And it looked incredible. I’m a burger freak, you guys know this and I was drooling looking at that sucker. It was served with some nice shoe string fries. This was his favourite of the night. Also his addiction to “dip dip dip” or ketchup on this fine evening was quite prominent. I did not try the burger because I was extremely full already. But I guarantee you it was no quarter pounder with “cheese.”

We did order dessert for whatever reason. We chose to split an apple donut with ice cream. It was soo good. Hot, fried apple wrapped in perfect dough with a frozen yogurt. It was delicious but I was so full and delirious that I forgot to take a picture. We were blown away by the food. It was absolutely amazing. I was so happy to experience that with the family and enjoy a birthday dinner. Service was ok. Drinks took a while and she talked ridiculously fast but was very helpful with any requests we had for him. This is the best hidden gem in the valley for food. And it’s casual. Or dress it up! Nobody cares as long as you are having a great time. Go enjoy a scenic drive down the valley and have an incredible meal. It is worth it. Recommend it….no, you think??? Absolutely.

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