New Thai in Town

And the birthday dinners keep rolling with a night out with my two favorite people, my family. I actually tried phoning a couple places in town but one was closed for winter hours and the other was under renovations. WTF??? With time slipping away we decided something closer to home would be wise or else we’d have a sleepy little monkey at the restaurant. After some quick deliberation we chose an ethnic meal of Thai origins and we chose Thai which is located at the opposite of the Best Western.

It is not a large place which is good. It is contemporary, clean and well decorated. So far everything is looking good. The menu is what one would expect from a Thai restaurant so don’t expect anything crazy or mind blowingly different. I do find it difficult at ethnic places because everything sounds so damn good. I just want one of everything! Yeah! So we chose some appies that she quite excited about and I ordered a Thai beer (which was quite light and crisp actually.)

We ordered the share plate to start, mostly for the kiddo to eat though. It was decent. Spring rolls are always awesome I don’t care where they are from they are just wicked. Make them at home……wicked. Frozen and reheat…..wicked. Made by random Thai guy……double wicked. The chicken skewers were pretty bland. The little patty things were tasty. The wrapped and fried shrimp were average. The salad was excellent. I’d order that for a main meal. So crisp and fresh and perfectly dressed.

So I ordered from the specialty section because it is my birthday. I chose the Pad Sam Sahai which has fried pork, prawns and baby squid on vermicelli noodles. Sounds like a new personal fav……….but was underwhelmed. Booo! We were both disappointed when we saw the generic frozen crinkle cut vegetables blandly mixed in with their lack of flavor. Nobody has a crinkle cut knife……so why the hell are there crinkle cut veggies in my “thai” food!?!?!? It just set a bad mood for the food yo! I will admit though, the seafood was pretty good. The squid was a bit rubbery but everything else was very nice. I did not get mine as spicy as usual because I thought I might share some with them but orders hers one notch away from lava and she enjoyed it.

Eva ordered the green curry with mixed seafood. We both enjoy all thai curry dishes and this is one is as average as it gets. Hot curry with everyone’s favorite crinkle frickin’ cut veggies. The curry was good but that was the only flavor the dish possessed. The seafood tried to sneak in there and was similar to what I had plus 2 really nice sized scallops. A decent dish but nothing spectacular. Yawn….
We did have a great night out as a family celebrating a birthday and that was what was most important to me. Too bad the food didn’t equal the occasion but that is how it goes sometimes. Nice restaurant, the server was a weird dude and average thai food is how I would summarize this adventure. Thai is going to receive 2.9 previously frozen crinkle cut stars out of 5. Thanks for checking in. High fives!

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