Sammy’s New Restaurant

Well it is birthday time again and I do enjoy a good frolicking of birthday meals. I was limited in choices so ethnic foods were out. Something with an “everyone covered” menu will do. And Sammy’s was the winner.

Those of you that do not know where it is can find in the retail area by the interchange by the bridge. New theater and all that shenanigans. I’m still not sure about that whole set up but what the hell do I know. Location aside the actual restaurant is really nice. Very loungy and contemporary inside. The space is divided into a lounge and dining room perfect for families or a bunch of rowdy hooligans. Greeted and seated and we are on our way. Our server started off kind of crazy. She was a little ditzy and it had nothing to do with the blonde hair I’m sure of it. She did come back and apologize and she was much more collected after that. She was actually very nice and personable and that’s all we ask for. Better to be a little crazy but friendly than hating life and too snobby to chat with you.

The menu was what I would expect from this kind of place. Appies, burgers, pizzas, some steaks…..the usuals. And there were some nice unexpected choices as well. Such as a tequila habanero meatloaf. Nice! But it is my birthday and I want ribs damn it! When they arrived I was very excited. A decent size rack of ribs. Length was good but I have seen some ribs with a lot more width to them as those. The were gently caressed in a honey bourbon bbq sauce which was very tasty. They were cooked nicely and pulled away from the bone with ease. Veggies were sparse, I think I had 6 spears of asparagus that were absolutely perfect. Fresh, crunchy and well seasoned. But the highlight for me was the mashed potatoes. I generally feel about mashed potatoes the same way I do about sticking my tongue to a fence post when it is -47 outside. But these were magnificent! Their secret is to incorporate white cheddar into the mashed potato which creates this cheesy creamy mashed love of hot damn! I actually had the muscle twitch to cover my body with them but that would be awkward with the family at the table.

My wife had the seafood linguine. It looked and smelled sensational. The seafood was very good and the creamy sauce was perfectly infused with those little critters from the ocean. Almost like a salty sweetness to the sauce. It was yummy. Pasta was nicely cooked. A well executed but standard seafood linguine. Our kiddo was a trooper and rocked the kids menu mac and cheese. It was so freakin’ good I wanted an entire barrel full of the stuff. The four cheese mix was wicked and richly cheesy. I just wanted more. Absolute comfort food. I was pleasantly surprised by that. I didn’t try any of the other dishes but everyone else loved what they had. The tequila habanero meatloaf made quite an impression. Apparently it was causing an immediate case of “ring sting.” This does not sound pleasant. They did a great job of presenting the meat loaf so that it did not look like a brick of loaf on the plate. It was piled high with crispy onions on top. Very nice. Samurai bowl also look really good and there was another pasta that looked good but again pretty standard stuff.

Overall I found the portion size very good. And I also think they are priced right for the quality of the food. My ribs may have been over priced but ribs kind of are. Nobody had a bad thing to say about the meal and that is what we like to see for a night out. I would definitely recommend Sammy’s for a casual night out for some great food with family or friends. The atmosphere is right for both and the service is a great match. I would be comfortable trying anything from the menu and not being disappointed. Get out there and check it out. I’m going to give Sammy’s 4.2 “Ring Stings” out of 5. Thanks everybody. Just eat it!!!

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