A New Cafe

We decided to visit mommy at work and have lunch together. Well the closest place to her office is the Shop Cafe so lets check it out!

Located on Jess st. this little place is pretty cool. It’s your typical hip cafe place with hip decor and healthy menu. Just a cozy little neighborhood spot. I dig it! They offer the usual suspects: salads, wraps, soups, sandwiches and burgers. We both chose one of the daily lunch specials. And holy shenanigans I did not get a burger! I decided on the veggie wrap. Mostly so that my son could have some of the vegetables contained within the wrap. Turns out he thought that was a crappy idea as he did not enjoy any of that nonsense. I on the other hand was left kind of blah about the wrap. It was too basic. Just veggies and a wrap. Not much else I can say about that. Wife ordered the chicken marinara pasta special which came with a veggie and bean soup. The pasta dish was decent. The chicken that we had was good, not very much of it though. There seemed to be a lot of sausage mixed in. Perhaps somebody was running low on chicken??? Just sayin’…. My kiddo liked the pasta and the soup. We did not like the soup. It lacked any form of flavor and had this weird consistency to it. Almost jelly like I would say.

So she frequents this place quite often because it is right below their office. She says it’s consistently good. I think if you were to find a few favorites that are done really well and stick to them you would be a regular here as well. I was a little disappointed though. Great, fresh ingredients but lacking inspiration is what I’m going with.