Special Night

We were invited to attend a fundraising event called “Reason for the Season” held at the Dorado. Well we sure as hell weren’t gonna turn that down! It’s always a good time seeing our friends and having some good food as well. Double the excitement because her brother and tv series winning chef is in charge of the events side of the Dorado dining experience. So let’s take a closer look shall we.

Once we chose our seats I had to grab the menu card and see what he has prepared for the evening. And yeah it sounds delicious! I’ll break it down by course to keep it nice and easy for you. Yeah you, the suspicious one in the back spreading Cheez Whiz or Whaz or Never haz been on some ghetto bread. I’m watching you…..

Orchard Salad:
Roasted Pear, Pickeled Fennel, Watercress, Endive, Toasted Walnuts, Blue Cheese and Mustard Vinaigrette

This salad blew my freakin’ mind! The pear when roasted becomes a warm sweetness piece of yummy but is nicely balanced by the endive and watercress. The pickled fennel are like tiny little arms that pick up the pear and body surf him around in joyous celebration. Walnuts are like the bacon of the nut world………..yeah I just said nut world. And I don’t usually have blue cheese but I know how well this combo works and it just balances the whole plate to perfection.

There were two choices for entree. Salmon or Beef. I took the beef so here we go!

New York Striploin:
Peppercorn Jus, Chive Whipped Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables

The Striploin dish was incredible as well! The meat was cooked perfectly medium-rare and the jus. I just wanted to smother it on my bod……whoa! Lets gather ourselves for a second…..ok! The jus was superb. I don’t usually get excited about meat and gravy but this was ridiculous. Made me a believer that it can be done extremely well and be exciting at the same time. The veggies were roasted they way I like them. And the whipped potatoes were so creamy and light and delicious. These are mashed potatoes I can get excited about. There is no place in the world for regular old boiled potates mashed without any flavour at all. This is the way all whipped potatoes should be.

Mint Infused Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee:

The first little spoon I had of this almost made me pass out. It was so fresh and light but you could taste every little vanilla piece brought forward by the refreshing mint. Hot damn this was wicked creme brulee. I try to take very small bites to make it last as long as possible but what felt like forever was gone in probably 2 minutes. Well I had to go to the washroom and on my way back I saw Mac plating up some more dessert so I stopped by and let him know that meal was fantastic and jokingly added I would eat any leftover desserts. Well within 5 minutes a server brought me another creme brulee courtesy of the chef. Thank you sir! Eat that and then hello! She gives me half of hers!!! Bahahaa! I was loving life! Bring me the dessert!!! You have to know the right people……..oh yeah!

So the evening was excellent, food was unbelievably great, drinks were keeping everyone happy and probably overspending at the silent auction but that is what these events are all about. So we had nothing bad to say except that I could have used some more dessert. I give Dorado 4.8 special gala fundraising events for the undeprivileged creme brulees out of 5. Please give generously and mail your desserts directly to the OFG where I will distibute them probably to myself. Thanks again and enjoy the Dorado! Best chef in town! Hey, I’ll kiss a little ass for some dessert. Wouldn’t we all???