Dang I love Sushi

In celebration of our new nephew we took my wifes brother and his son out for dinner. Sushi??? Why not! So we tried the newly opened Sakura located by the Gisky gas station on the west side.

First of all you may think the location is a little odd. And I think so too but on the other hand I’m starting to notice an attempted shift in thinking to create small neighborhood type establishments rather than stuffing these neat little places beside giant shopping centers. So I’ll let you decide how you feel about the location…….but you’ll probably be wrong so deal with it. Bah! Once you go through the doors you are greeted by contemporary design with minimalist Asian influence. I like it. It feels cozy and clean. It is small inside though, not many tables and NO booths. I love sushi in the booth. Huh? I don’t know either…. The menu is typical sushi stuff. As with most places they have a few signature rolls or twists on some classics. Our server was excellent at accommodating the two boys. She brought extra straws because Eli enjoys throwing everything in multiple directions. She checked in very frequently, set us up with high chairs. She did a great job. If we had the teenager girl serving us I’m sure she would be questioning why our 1 year old wasn’t lol’ing or texting and ignoring his parents.

We ordered a rainbow roll, spicy tuna, spicy salmon and a bento box so Eli could have some veggies and tempura. We started with an order of tempura and it was great. On par with many sushi places that offer great tempura. Our rolls were good as well. The rainbow roll was good, lots of tuna, salmon and avocado on top. The two spicy rolls were good. She preferred their style of mixing the spicy sauce in with the fish where I prefer a dollop of spicy goodness on top. The most impressive part of the dishes though was the chicken in the bento box was really nice chicken. Not the polite and well spoken chicken you’re thinking of but the good quality piece of meat that one would expect. Some places present you with this minced weird texture version of chicken which could probably pass as sea gull for all I know. So it was nice to see some real meat.

So not much too say for me today. I was left a little underwhelmed although the rest of the crew enjoyed themselves. Everything was good but I wasn’t blown away or felt that it was the best sushi I’ve had ever or at least in a while. It just lacked that wowwy-wow yummy freshness that sushi is. One dish we ordered took like 10 minutes longer that the rest. I would have liked to see a discount or a free roll thrown in but no deal. Service was great. But I just felt kind of blah sushi. Is it worth checking out? For me……I would go to one of my other favs for sure.