Another Pub

I was driving home at night about a couple of weeks ago and saw an abnormal amount of cars by the Lake convenience store. Hmmm, too late for baseball. WTF!?!?! The new pub must have been approved and is now open for business! The owners of the complex have handed out packages informing Lake residents of the proposal for a pub. They also did follow up calls to gather suppor in council to have the application approved. Good work people!

So I call up my good friend Jared to go check this place out! With some slight delay we finally met up and assessed the situation. They have done a great job with designing this pub. Nice contemporary materials such as stone, flooring, woodwork and lighting. They pair this quite nicely with hints of vintage such as an old wooden sailboat model, vintage glass lighting, red phone booth and art. It’s cozy but high energy! That’s one thing that really stuck with me. Some pubs are so old and gloomy and the people aren’t there to have a good time, they are there because they are depressed or alcoholics…….and either one leads to one another??? Should that be a t-shirt??? But this place was rockin’! Good music, great atmosphere, friendly service. We were diggin’ it! Another cool trick, lighted menus! When did this happen? Don’t know, but it’s wicked!!!

The menu is not huge but it has all the highlights for pub fare. They were smart and skipped the crap that nobody wants except for the aforementioned depressed alcoholics that want mashed potatoes and gravy……..from a can………! We also found the beer to be a great price as well. $3.50 bottles for good beer too! Yeah, so they had some specials. I opted for one which happened to be fish and chips for $14.95 and Jared took the rack of ribs for a very decent $17.95( I almost opted out on the dollar signs but didn’t want you to think we were paying in Rupees or something silly). Food shows up and it is looking great! Very nice portion sizes, presented well… it!!! Ok so my fish and chips was good. I found the fish itself outstanding! Moist, large pieces of halibut cooked perfectly but the batter was a wee bit soggy and greasy for me. The fries same deal, just not quite crispy enough. Everything tasted great but a bit oily, yeah! The ribs tasted amazing! Delicious sauce, very meaty, nice full rack. Just not quite tender enough to fall off the bone by looking at them. I mean one strange look and somehow there should be a pile of bones and a pile of rib meat without even using your hands. This did not happen tonight. It also came with a few sides, including a corn muffin, coleslaw and Jared opted for the Caesar salad. The slaw was really good! It had some heat to it which was different but very good. The Caesar looked good as well. Good size, fresh and not over dressed. Corn muffin is a corn muffin I guess…

Overall we were quite impressed with the experience we had. We will be back to try some other food after they get settled in some more. You know me by now and a pub better make a good effin burger or else you might as well lock the doors. I would go again to watch some sports and have a good time because that is the kind of place it seems to be. I hope it stays that way after the rush of new lookers have come and gone. So if you’re tired of the same old place go check out the new pub. You will have a good time.