Fro Yo for Joe Yo

Well I was all alone because my family were in Germany so my dad came to visit and take me out for dinner. I’ve only heard from a couple of people that have been to Joe’s and they didn’t really say much. And I’m kind of surprised it has taken me this long to go and try it. So off we went.

We stepped through the doors to find the place about half full on a Sunday evening. I am a fan of the modern loungy kind of feel that this place has. It feels kind of multi purpose………in a good way. It can be a family style restaurant, a pub or contemporary dining. TV’s strategically placed, nice booths, great lighting and decor. I like it! We sat down at a booth and we greeted by a extra friendly guy who seemed to be our new best buddy for the evening. We were given drink specials and food specials and then left to ponder our choices. When dad is up we always order way too much food. So for starters we had calamari, Mediterranean short ribs and chicken wings. Now I’ve had a lot of freakin’ calamari in my day and this was excellent! Fresh and crisp with no signs of grease anywhere. It was just damn good calamari and the tzatziki was very good. Not too garlic or soupy. Could have used a little bigger portion on the tzatziki though. The short ribs were also fantastic. Great flavor and cooked perfectly. I did not have any wings because I would have been full before our entree’s arrived but they looked just as good as the other items.

So the special that night was steak sandwiches. So holy fffffffuu-ire truck I’m going to have one of those bad boys! I always order any steak product blue rare. I also added sauteed mushrooms and onions. I was feeling a wee bit wobbly with joy waiting for my yummy sandwich. When the dish arrived it looked amazing! A huge thick slab of beef smothered with mushrooms and onions, beautiful crispy bread and my add-on sides of sweet potato fries and Caesar salad were equally attractive. I dug in. I had to. I could not restrain myself any longer. Son of a biscuit is that effin good!!!! The steak was absolutely perfect! Tender and it let out the cutest little moo because it was so freakin’ bleu! Did that just rhyme??? Bitchin’! At this point we will have a word with our happy pill eating guy who immediately questions me about the temperature of my steak. I say it is perfect which he answers ” I’ll give the guys in the back a high five! Steak can be tricky sometimes and when somebody orders blue it can be easily overcooked.” I was glad to see that he took pride that his crew in the back got it done right. Well done on quality control and making sure the customer is happy! He also fist-bumped my dad over his meal. Which was probably a first for dad. Oh, he also had the sandwich. The fries were excellent, the salad was fresh and not over-dressed. Damn good dinner!

So Joe’s was fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised which is always great. To me it’s like a Joxi’s for the West side. A place you can always rely on to be fresh, great and have a good time. I definitely will be going again. If you can get past my bodyguards I might sign a napkin for you. Hahaa just kidding……….I don’t sign anything without my lawyer present = like a boss!!! Joe’s making your favorites even better and fresher than the rest so check them out and go have a good time and if you tell them I sent you they probably will not give a damn. I’m giving Joe’s 4.4 over-friendly freshly made fist-bumpin’ waiters outta 5!!! Thank you guys and good night!!!

p.s. my lawyer is outside YOUR house right now…

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