My Chronic Obsession with Tacos

Well hello people. Yes it is time for another day of random lunch. With short notice and much debate we chose to try Chronic Tacos. My family recommended it after they stopped there for lunch one day a few months ago. So off we went like Speedy Gonzales to try this place out!

It is located across from Walmart. Seems like a good location, right in the middle of all the new action on the West side. Once inside you will notice it is designed much like most new restaurants. Clean, contemporary design with lots of room and seating. We were greeted by the front counter person and because we answered yes for being our first time we were given a briefing on how the whole situation works. It’s a Mexican Subway basically. Lucky for us the burritos were on special so we each chose one. We both chose chicken as the meat and then after that we were on separate paths to Mexico!

They start off with a tortilla that couple double as a car cover for a ’61 Beetle and then they start loading that sucker up! Chicken, refried beans for me please, lettuce, onions, peppers and medium salsa were my choices. I skipped the guacamole because it seemed a little steep in price. $1.50 or $1.75 or something crazy. Oh before I forget, special price was $6.49 I believe, $2 off regular price. The weather was nice so we sat on the patio where my son found it necessary to do his own review and fling pieces of burrito at random. Now I’m not joking here, that friggin’ thing weighed 2lbs or more. You could execute some serious vandalism with that damn burrito! First bite to last bite was delicious! The fresh, choose-your-own toppings really made this burrito extra awesome. The salsa really accentuated the freshness of the other ingredients. Everything worked very well together. She really liked hers, my kiddo enjoyed his bites he was allowed so we were happy. I was stuffed though. Really, really stuffed.

I really enjoyed Chronic Tacos. Was I super blown away, mmmm no. But it was very, very good. I think the special is an amazing value for what you get. The quality and freshness is extremely high. I would definitely try some of the other menu items as well. They all sound great! Another excellent ethnic restaurant for West. Get out there and experience food people! I’m going to give Chronic Tacos 4.1 slicked back greasy El Camino’s tryin’ to cross de border out of 5.