Motherday Sushi?

Congratulations to my girl on celebrating her first Mother’s Day! We had a great day with breakfast in bed and lots of fun activities with the kiddo! And we went for one of our favorite dinner choices! Sushi!!! And where did we go you ask…. Sushi.

This was our second time there and I think it is good to do a follow up just to make sure you give the place a fair chance. So we chose a nice booth where the kid could sleep in his car seat and we could enjoy some damn good food! One of the best features of this place is an extensive menu full of difficult choices. They don’t confuse with nonsense crap you wouldn’t want to order. You’re hit with some crucial decision making and are left thinking “I want one of everything.” Yeah, it all sounds that good! So I ordered a spicy tuna roll, crab roll, and salmon crunch roll. She ordered yam roll and rainbow roll. We also shared a tuna and salmon sashimi. Sushi is one of the things I can eat a ridiculous amount of. It’s not normal to consume that much in one sitting but it is worth it. The sashimi was outstanding. They both just melted away in your mouth but the salmon was extra bitchin’ that night. The marbling in the salmon was stellar! It looked like a precision engineered piece of perfection that wiggled its way from the ocean to my plate! And I ate it! ALL!!! The spicy tuna and crab rolls where freakin’ awesome too! But the salmon crunch roll is a spectacular unit of sushi! No rice in it, but stuffed with salmon meat, avocado, wrapped in sea weed and deep fried to crispy goodness. One of my all time favorites! Yum! But hold on. Eva has discovered another wonder of the sushi world. The Rainbow Roll. When that sucker rolled out it looked like you club a Mastadon with it. It was gnarly large!!! And each piece of the roll features a different marine animal draped delicately like 12th century Persian tapestry. It was exquisite.

When I head out for sushi I better have a smile on my face the entire meal or it just isn’t good enough. And let me tell you………I just finished my last round of physio to repair the smile muscles in my face. It was excellent. The Sushi produces some high quality food for me………maybe not for you though. Yes they do, I’m kidding! But please go check them out. Take some friends, talk gossip about your neighbors and enjoy a great meal. Is still rockin’ it out. I love it. And I’m giving them 4.7 salty sea urchin scrotums out of 5. It’s a delicacy…..maybe. But thanks again

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