High Five for Five Guys

It was just one of those days when we just didn’t feel like making some dinner. And for a new place we tried 5 Guys Burger and Fries. All I knew about this place was that it’s greasy and old school. So lets check it out!!!

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the restaurant is the throw back to the 50’s diner style. Checkerboard floor, newspaper clipping art, chrome chairs and tables. Classic gear. Then the grease hits you and yeah, it takes at least 5 loads of laundry and 2 showers to get the smell off too. Yum! The staff were friendly and we were greeted numerous times. We were politely guided through the menu and the process on choosing your burger. What I like is that the burgers are a set price and you can pick as many or as little topping as you want. There is an extensive list of favorite burger toppings like grilled onions, mayo, bbq sauce……BACON! I think bacon was extra though but always worth it.

I chose the double patty monstrosity because I love burgers. I may have a burger addiction problem. And the only cure………is double patties people!!! I loaded that sucker up, my girl chose the smaller and definitely more feminine single patty burger. We also thought we would try one of each flavor of fries. Regular and cajun. Warning: one order of fries will feed two people or 15 marmots or Somalia. Just sayin’! We did get take out because we our son with us and he is little but eats like a whale shark. So we get home quickly, the burgers are wrapped tightly in paper, fries are overflowing from the bag so I quickly dig in and whooooaaa. That burger is pretty darn good. The toppings are excellent and fresh, the beef is really great and juicy. The weak part for me is the bun. It’s just a regular white burger bun. I want whole grain bun damn it! She didn’t really like it. She thought it was just regular as far as burgers go. I thought it was good. But they forgot my bacon. Yeah, why don’t I just sit in the deep frier instead. So I called and was given a voucher for a free meal. Nice save 5 guys! For us the the fries were also a miss. They were so close to being great too. Just not crispy enough……limp fry = cry cry. They pride themselves on using peanut oil, hence the giant bin of peanuts to munch while you wait. But the taste was great, the cajun fries were really yummy.

So like 3 days later I went to get my voucher and basically ordered the same thing again and I was more impressed the second time with the burger. You have to appreciate the old school simplicity to enjoy it I think. Overall the experience was good. Neat place to check out. A decent burger, some may find it pricey but it’s quality food compared to that fast food garbage. ( I’m now 3 years fast food burger free and 16 years McDonald’s free…..and that’s no BS!!!) So go have a good ol’ burger and enjoy yourself. I’m giving 5 Guys Burger and Fries 4.3 hand-made hand-tossed hand-pressed lean ground beef patties out of 5. Later people!!!

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