Hood Pizza

It was a long day of refinishing our deck and we definitely did not feel like making dinner so……….HELLO! We recently received a nice little information package including a coupon for the newly planned Neighborhood at the Lake convenience store. The same owners have opened Neighbors Pizza which is in the same complex. So we checked the menu online and had our favorites picked and ordered. I ordered the steak sandwich and she ordered the shrimp pesto; both on thin crust.

I drove over in my Silverado (non-sponsored GM product placement) and picked up my pizzas......oh wait they weren't ready in the 25 minutes they said. So I sat my ass down and waited......and waited. It was close to 40 min by the time I received my units. Side note. I absolutely hate it when people call a pizza a pie. It's not an effin pie! Look at the damn thing. PI-Z-ZA!! No pie! I think only morons from Brooklyn call it a pizza pie. Moving on....

When we opened up the boxes we were instantly amazed at the amount of cheese on the pizza. It was ridiculous. If you love cheese......this is for you, baby! It was gooey cheesy goodness. But with the first bite we could tell the toppings were excellent. You really could taste each item and how they all worked together to make pizza joy. Sometimes pizza can taste "generic" even with different toppings, meaning a deluxe would taste the same as a hawaiian. Some places are like that. It's true! Obviously were very impressed with the flavours. The shrimp pesto was even quite salty from the feta. Very nice. The crust was quite good. They had a gluten free as a choice. I would like to see multigrain though. It's my fav. Hey!  I saw you rollin' your eyes! Maybe if you ask nicely they will make you crust from your Wonderbread! Bah!

This pizza was very good. A wee bit pricey, but I rocked my $5 dollar coupon. Excellent alternative to some large commercial places. A definite recommendation for sure! And it is LOCAL. Do it people. I am giving Neighbors Pizza 4.1 stone ground flour hand tossed baked not fried crusts out of 5. Thanks again. OFG off for that night!