Brunching at Lunch

Well I’ve heard some great things about the brunch at The Dorado and with my wifes relatives in town from Germany lets go for it and check this place out. If you have never been the to The Dorado before just stop in and stroll the property. It’s right on the water, nice marina, excellent roof top view of the lake = excellent! Inside is a bustling place full of guests and staff. It always seem like there is something crazy going on there.

Brunch is bitchin’!!! You get all the best things from your daily meals in one place. Be careful though, excessive over-eating is a common occurrence at brunch and I guarantee you will do it here. The whole family was seated with a marina and lake view and within minutes the carnage began!

The amount of food is truly crazy. And the variety is exceptional. Where do I start??? Did you say bacon? I think you did you little piggy’s you! I hit the breakfast food first because I love that stuff. French toast, potatoes, BACON, made to order omelettes, waffles and that is only the stuff I ate! French toast was perfect, creamy light texture smothered in some hot lovin’ maple syrup…….oh baby! The bacon was so effin’ crispy and cooked perfecly I must have eaten 10 or 11 pieces. Waffles were just as good as the french toast but hold your tighty whiteys!!! The made to order omelettes were so damn good after one bite I was in a trance for like 43.6 seconds and I couldn’t do anything else but marvel at this eggy veggy piece of genius. Fresh peppers, mushrooms, capicola, cheese plus some other stuff I didn’t want. Unbelievable. What I had next will knock your face off! Panko crusted salmon – frick yeah!! Moist, delicious salmon with a garlic panko crust. One of the best cooked pieces of salmon I’ve ever had. Plus crab legs you could club a baby seal with!!! Crack those suckers open and the sweet delicious meat inside was plentiful but I needed more. More bacon please! Done. What I didn’t try was the salad bar. I saw 4-5 salads that all looked incredible, there was also a cold meats platter and probably some other stuff I missed due to bacon. Of course what is perched upon one of the tables……..chocolate fountain. Fruit to dunk in and weeeee was it yummy! But the variety of cakes and treats was awesome! Chocolate mousse, peach cobbler, cheese cake, panna cotta, caramel something cake. There were too many! I was nearing hypoglycemic shock just standing next to it all. The highlights for me were the cheese cake which was made from mascarpone cheese and was soo rich and creamy words can’t describe the naughty feeling you get while eating this. But my fav was the mint panna cotta. This was like summer in a bite. Refreshing, light, and bursting with fresh mint flavour but easy to eat. MmmMMmMmMm!

If you happen to be reading this in the morning while eating your Cheerios well I hope you’re enjoying them and maybe you should re-evaluate your breakfast routine and become inspired to try the brunch at The Dorado. It is a bit pricey I think it’s over $30 but well freaking worth it. Bacon and crab. So get the hell down there and stuff your face. You will need approximately 3 hours to complete the experience. Eat, rest, eat, drink, eat, nap, eat some more. I’m giving brunch from The Dorado 4.8 hand crafted free range organic omelette origami swans out of 5. Thanks again everybody!