Not so happy

Well I took my good friend Jared out for dinner for his birthday. You know, just the guys kind of deal. As nice as I am I gave him the choice of place. Upon much debate we opted for Jacks at the Lake golf course. We both have heard mixed feelings about and were curious to find out for our selves what this traditional British restaurant has to offer.

And it served up a giant bland platter of bollocks!!! Walking through the door was even awkward. Strange people staring at you likeā€¦.”leave now before it’s too late.” The decor was dismal and dreary. Probably hasn’t changed since they built the place. Lobby carpet, dingy wood and freakin’ banquet style tables and chairs. Saddest part; the bathroom was probably the best place. It had some old vintage golf photos and memorabilia, woo-hoo! Service was barely better. Rare and lacking are two words I would use for it. And plus it was poring rain which added to the depressing setting.

Now the menu was ok I guess. One thing great was most things were 2-3 bucks cheaper than at most places. They had one section of traditional English food plus the regular pub stuff. Burgers and steak and such. But we came for English food so hit me with it! Jared went with the special which was Prime rib, with yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and veggies for $14.95. Pretty bloody cheap, right-o! I chose the steak and ale. Let’s start with the prime rib. It was cooked nicely but controversially covered in gravy. A surprising mix of veg which included potato, carrot, brussel sprouts, parsnip I think. Mashed potatoes were just that and a yorkshire pudding that Harold claimed to be just average. He was generally impressed with most of the meal. So steak and ale time baby! Sounds like a killer combo right? Well almost. It was served in a pie crust sort of like a pot pie. The dough was cooked very well. Nice and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The meat was very tender, sort of flavored but it lacked some sauce or gravy inside. ‘Twas a wee bit dry! Bollocks! And was served with previously frozen peas with nothing on them and regular old fries that were neither good or bad. I had to ask for ketchup. What the shit is that!?!?! Asking for ketchup with fries is like asking for wings with an airplane. Unless fries are served with some sort of gnarly aioli. And the airplane offered with a rotating blade instead of wings which then morphs into a helicopter and why the hell do you care!?!?! We had some beers, probably not enough though because the server perhaps was watching reruns of when the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show. SNAP!

When we arrived home via DD, we were kind of depressed. It was a sad situation. We had no expectations and none were exceeded let alone met. I would consider a burger if I were golfing there and were so famished from my 16 under round that I had no choice but to eat it. Other than that. This is a pass. In fact I’d like to take a mulligan and re-eat somewhere else. But I can’t. I am going to give Jacks 2.2 rare sashimi style bland range balls out of 5. Now piss off and get back to your station!!! Ramsay would not approve. Thanks everybody!

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