A Winter Wonderland

Well it’s that time of year again people. The crazy shopping, the limitless spending and the piles of horrible gifts! And for those of you still grasping on to employment have probably found themselves involved in the always dramatic work “Christmas” party. I did not make it to mine at the restaurant but we did attend my girls which was at the wonderful pizzeria. I have been to this establishment many of times and have now found the time to fill you in on one of the Valley’s best.

For those of you that refuse to live beyond the $1.99 Costco slice can avoid the hassle of reading this and continue your donkey palette into the brick foundation on which this beautiful restaurant is situated. And those of you who wish to be enlightened will find this place. This fantastic brick structure has been beautifully preserved with original features such as……brick and wood flooring and beams. It’s bloody magnificent!!! It really feels like every neighborhood restaurant should feel. But we are focused on the gem that resides above. This place is small, cozy and has loads of atmosphere. I find it to be a great place to take someone special and feel warm and close and enjoy a superb pizza! And yes, pizza is a sexy meal when it’s done right. The bustling staff coming in and out of the kitchen allows for glimpses of the fire in the brick ovens…..it is great!

I find the service here is excellent every time. Professional and seamless. They are there all the time but you hardly notice, it just flows and works well. A few booths and some tables make for packed evening on most nights and with no reservations, you better hope you get in. The decor is minimal which works perfectly because the architecture and atmosphere is what makes this an experience that will leave you smiling for at least 34.5 hours post dinner.

But now for the goods. Pizza. The way it should be. No stuffed crust, extra dipping sauce nonsense……..just quality hand made pizza. This is what I imagine pizza to be in Italy somewhere. Hand tossed crust, fresh quality ingredients and passion that shows in every meal. To me though it is the quality of ingredients that make the difference here. Artisan meats and cheeses, garden fresh vegetables, seasonings……it’s just incredible. The crust is cooked to perfection. Thin and crispy with loads of flavor. They offer two varieties of pizza: Red and White…..or tomato sauce base or olive oil base. I have had both and they are equally delicious. On this particular evening I ordered the white and added prosciutto and arugula. It starred wild mushrooms, zucchini, fontina cheese, truffle salt and a first for me…..a fried egg right in the middle. It was pizza bliss. I was speechless…….mostly because I ate my pizza and half of hers. They also offer a build your own option that allows you to create any pizza you like from the gourmet list of deliciousness.

This evening though I did notice the crust had a bit of North American crust around the edges. Previously they were just a flat crust which was the way it should be. But this just shows how the majority of the population has been over commercialized and probably demanded they get their extra thick crust because they don’t know any better. Other than that the meal was pretty much perfect. It’s romantic, the food is great and the service is fantastic. I highly recommend it and hope you go if you haven’t been already.

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