A Birthday with the Bonfire

We were excited to take part in our very good friends’ 40th birthday celebration on Saturday. Since they stayed around the cove for the weekend, we opted to “stay in” and meet at the Grill. Now, if you’ve read my previous posts about the place you will know it has been quite the adventure for sure. But if you haven’t read them, you can now find me curled up in the corner sobbing with sadness. I’m hurt, really! No I’m not! Stop being a sissy!

Lucky us, due to a scheduled party we were relocated to the lounge. No big deal. But wait……there is more! Turns out the party tripled in size from its original guest list. Wow! So we were given the quick opportunity to order before the chaos began. I ordered chipotle chicken whole wheat crust pizza. My girl ordered the tiger prawns and chicken with paralleled. We also shared the organic mac and cheese to start. the mac and cheese was exceptional! Perfect pasta…. al dente all night long baby! And the cheese. This is no powdered orange chemical crap. This was real, good creamy gooey cheesy goodness. I could eat a bushel of this stuff. I would like to see a meal size version on the menu. Food arrived in a timely fashion (spoiler alert!) and we dug in! My pizza was good. Not great but better than average. I did enjoy the thin crust, nice char on the bottom. But the topping lacked any real wow flavors. There were onions and peppers and chicken. I really missed the chipotle which is one of my favorite flavours. It was bland toppings! Her dish looked great but once she started eating she realized there was not a whole of stuff in the pasta. The noodles were excellent large flat yummy noodles of joy! But really lacked the substance to make it a fulfilling dish. Flavor was almost there but was lost because of the shortness of ingredients. Dang it all to hell, eh!

Our friends ordered braised boneless beef short ribs, smoked sablefish tacos and Roast free range chicken breast. Again, everything looked great. The chicken dish was the largest main dish we saw. Chicken was well flavoured and there was an excellent assortment of veg as sides. The chicken was the only one I sampled but they seemed to really enjoy everything. There was great praise for the fish tacos.

So main courses were a success overall. And what the heck is a birthday without some sweet spankin’ dessert! You know it! Here it comes! We had some excellent choices for dessert. We ordered the spiced pumpkin loaf french toast and mascarpone cheesecake. The rest of the crew picked up a french toast as well and dark and white chocolate mousse shooters. Oh no, darn I forgot my pillows and jammies because it took just over an hour to get my effin dessert!!! Yeah they had a big function but dessert??? Really??? And the service after our dinner just disappeared. Another beer would have been nice for the the birthday boy. I would have even settled for some water. We were lucky to be with such great friends to pass the time but that was not cool. And just as we flag a server down and tell them to cancel dessert it magically pops up on the pass and they bring it after all. Well isn’t that a happy ending! And it was! Dessert was amazing. The cheesecake was abnormally creamy and rich and lovely. Near perfection for cheesecake. The french toast too was incredible. I love the contrast with the hot toast and the melting ice cream. The mousse also looked great but there was a definite preference for the dark mousse.

The Grill again keeps us on our toes with more ups and downs during our visits. The food was great but the service was horrendous. Yeah there was a function and it was loud and they were short staffed but some effort would have gone a long way. And she was kind of rude too. A substitution was to be made on one of the desserts and she made it sound like there was no point because the garnish was soo small. NOT your decision missy. Do your job and make it happen! Most of the food was great. Some areas needed improvement but hey, we keep going back don’t we??? On that note I’m giving the Grill a 3.8 lakefront patio “I’m sorry we don’t have that” out of 5. Food was great but service, service, service keeps us coming back. Thanks everybody.