Brew and Bowling Round 2

Yes, it is that time again. The end of tax season is celebrated annually with huge parties and heavy drinking. This year was no exception other than the light drinking in which I took part in. We ended up again bowling and brew pub for dinner and snacks.

Bowling and drinking is great, I don’t care what anybody says. It’s a blast! I know, you are probably too cool with your jeans sagging to your knees and your temporary barbed wire tattoo glistening on your little noodle arms…..but you’re too cool for bowling. Anyways, get out there and have some fun bowling people! We start usually with some snacky-tizers which in this case were not that pleasing. Cheese popper thingys, something else that looked and tasted the same and some chicken wings. I was not a fan of this stuff. The first was like “oh yay, haven’t had these in years” and the second one was all like “I just lost an artery!” What was really good though was the nacho plate that followed this deep fried platter of doom. Loads of toppings, nice crispy chips and the usual dipping to go with it. Sour cream, salsa, guacomole……I like it a lot! So after bowling my arms off we moved into the pub for our meal. Being semi-full from appy land her and I decided to share a entree. Plus we wanted something a little on the lighter side as well. After much debate, we opted for the souvlaki plate and I also chose a side Caesar salad. Upon arrival the food looked good, like any other souvlaki plate I guess. The food was bland. Simple. Bland. I have had much from Freddy’s for sure! The chicken was grilled, the rice was cooked and the tzatziki might as well have been plain yogurt. And what the hell? Yeah, a bland side caesar. I didn’t know that was possible. It was dressed but had no flavor. WTF??? I was just disappointed I guess.

One thing about a large party like this is you get to see a variety of food and reactions. Overall the food looked average, some people were really impressed. I did see a few dishes I wish I would have ordered instead. The fajitas looked great! One thing everyone will enjoy here though is the beer. I’ve said before in my previous blogs this but hot damn is that beer good. I was rockin’ the Brownstone Ale and it is dark, nutty and deep in flavor. Every beer I’ve had from there I just stare at it with awe. Almost makes up for the sometimes questionable food. But overall the whole evening was great. I think it would take a few trips to find the best dishes to order and maybe stick with those choices. If you’re not expecting a lot check it out and have some drinks……….a LOT of drinks. I’m going to give Brew Pub 3.2 custom made hand polished gutter balls out of 5 this time. Maybe I’ll see you there. Look for the very loud floral print bowling shirt and red velvet bowling shoes……..

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